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With the Holidays around the corner, I thought I would finish something for
my mom that she asked for months ago.  She has a wire frame for a lampshade
that goes over a hurricane lamp.  She had asked me to make a fabric covering
for it.  I have picked out the fabric and the lace and now I am unsure as to
how to cut out the shape for the frame.

I will try to explain how it is.  The top part of it is about 3-4 inches and
is the same distance around.  Then it fans out to make a wider base.  I was
thinking that I should add elastic to the top part to snug it to the frame.
Then I would let the rest fall down.  Down below you will find a drawing of
the shape of the frame.  Any suggestions as to how to cut out the fabric
would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: help with lampshade
Jon and Sandy Petersen wrote:
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This might help a little:

I have done it by taking a big sheet of paper - newsprint works well -
and marking top and bottom wires in one spot, then starting at an edge
of the paper, roll the frame in a sort of half "U" tracing the wires
onto the paper to make a pattern.  When you reach your marks, draw a
line for that end.  Cut it out and put it on the wire form to see if it
fits.  When you cut your fabric, you'll need to add seam allowances.

You can wrap each wire with cotton tape, then sew your shade to that -
or tack it.  you can also fully line the shade so that it goes on the
frame more like a slipcover and gets sewn or tacked along the open end.

I find that the bias of the fabric works best.  I would even consider
doing a shade in panels to make sure I'm always on the bias.

You can use trims, such as gimp or woven tape on the edges, which covers
any stitching or marks from a glue gun.

You may make a couple before you find you have one that pleases you.

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