How can I remove the spool holder from my Bernette serger?

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I'll be traveling tomorrow (air) and need to get my mom's Bernette Serger o
n-board with me (can't trust the baggage handlers to be handling it for me)
. The only way to get it to FIT the carry-on requirements is to remove the  
spool holder/rack. Can't see any way to remove it though?

Model 335

Re: How can I remove the spool holder from my Bernette serger?
Linda Jacobson wrote:
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I hope this will help:  I don't have your model, but on my Bernette  
MO2-3-4, the spool holder is attached to the machine with two little  
white nylon "buttons" (for lack of a better term). Once, you gently  
prise the buttons up, the spool holder will come off.  Then you can  
detach the thread guide and arm by removing a metal screw from  

This  image shows the underside of the spool holder detached from  
the machine:

Good luck!  And be SURE you detach the metal thread guide.  I bought  
a  used MO2-3-4 Bernette online once, and because the seller failed  
to remove the guide, pressure against in in transit broke the cone  
holder base. (It was also poorly packed, but that's a different  


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