how to cut a pattern on the bias

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Hi there ~ I've made Butterick 5679 (View B) in jersey fabric and it's  
been a success. The pattern calls for a moderate crosswise stretch jersey.

Would this pattern work if I used woven fabric but cut it on the bias?  
I've rarely used bias cutting so am a bit hesitant. Are there 'rules'  
about converting from straight grain to bias cut?  Just want to use  
what's already in the cupboard rather than buy more jersey!

Thanks for any help...
Anne H.

Re: how to cut a pattern on the bias

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When I cut my jersey sports bra out of bias-cut linen, it fit properly
the first time.  

When I tried making matching briefs from a pattern that works with the
same jersey, it took three betas to make it fit.  The first one, I
tried it on before sewing the side seams, measured the gap, then
inserted a piece of three-inch bias tape.  Added an inch and a half at
the sides of the pattern; this one was too loose, but wearable.
Trimmed a bit and the third was just right -- or as close as I thought

Then I put the perfected pattern away, because I don't honestly *want*
linen underpants.  But I'm still wearing linen bras.

joy beeson at comcast dot net
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Re: how to cut a pattern on the bias
Looked at the pattern and love the pattern - but it says FOR KNIT and  
they're not kidding.  You could probably create the garment by cutting a  
woven on the bias but I'm not so sure you could get into it - or move about  
if you did.  Polly

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Re: how to cut a pattern on the bias
Anne H. wrote:
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That center front seam may become an issue, sewing bias seams can be  
... squiggly.  And I doubt bias would give you the ease you need  
getting in and out of it.  As well, a bias-cut garment droops  
lengthwise and draws in side-to-side when worn, and you really have  
to build in some extra width to accommodate that.

I would probably look for either another pattern or a knit.  

Re: how to cut a pattern on the bias
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I'd be hesitant to use good woven fabric on that experiment... especially view  
A.  If I were going to, I'd probably go up a size for the woven, and make sure  
the bias is cut so that it will balance and not pull the seams spirally.
If you imagine cutting it from a striped fabric, you want to cut so the stripes  
would form chevrons at the seamlines -- sort of like this:  

The drape is also going to change on view D... the side seams will be  
nearly straight of grain, which will mean the fullness will hang center  
front and back.


Re: how to cut a pattern on the bias

My thanks to 'Polly', Joy, Beverly & Kay for their help and  
observations.  I'll take their advice and stick with the jersey.  I had  
such a pleasing result first time around without any hassle, so I don't  
want to fight with the fabric to get a decent fit!  Keep life simple.....

thanks again
Anne H. - who's off to shop for fabric tomorrow.

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