how to organize fabric stash ?

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I have a slowly acquired and built up the fabric stash.

I can no longer remember what i have.

Now i will accidentally find cool stuff when i am looking for other=20
things I think I have.

Any ideas on how to organize and store the fabric stash to quickly=20
/easily see what you have and  find it ?


Re: how to organize fabric stash ?
I buy the big 56-QT Sterlite bins, number the outside with a marker and sort
the fabric as to types, linens, woolens, etc. in them.  But I also keep the
ones I've pre-washed separate from the unwashed.

As I put them away, I staple a small scrap of paper to them, telling me the
measure (2 1/2 yds-45").  And I write each piece of like fabrics on sheets
of paper and keep them in a loose-leaf binder with the number of the bin.

It took me forever, it seems, when I finally got around to organizing all I
had, after I retired from teaching; but once done, it's easy to maintain.
Hope this helps, Robb.


Re: how to organize fabric stash ?
robb wrote:
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My sewing space is a combined laundry-sewing room.  I put up
two rows of open shelves all around the room (except for the
door and window).  I store some fabric loosely folded on the
shelves, others go in clear plastic covered bins.   I ALWAYS
make a note of width, number of yards, fiber content, and
"pre-washed" (or not) on fabric before storing it.  I also
try to note the pattern number or at least the type of
garment I had in mind for the fabric when I bought it.

In-the-works projects stack up on the clothes dryer.  <sigh>

I have never been organized enough to keep any kind of
written or electronic record, but since I can mostly see
what I have, it works for me.

Overflow (stuff I buy on sale with no specific project in
mind, stuff for my DDs which may or may not ever get made
up, etc.) goes in large clear plastic bags in the totally
unorganized storage area just outside the sewing room.
<deeper sigh>


Re: how to organize fabric stash ?

Always pin or baste the invoice to the fabric so you can tell the
linen from the ramie when you want to use it.  
Joy Beeson
joy beeson at comcast dot net

Re: how to organize fabric stash ?
Make signs.  Write big.  After a while you may not need them but they'll
make you smile.  Inside the cabinet where I store the off-white, cream and
beige is a sign that says:  real white in guest room.  Over the shelf where
blue and green bins hang out, I have a sign that says:  ham in batting
scraps bin.  ( I got tired of moving the ham, the batting doesn't mind and I
don't have to hunt it; I  HATE to spend precious time hunting.)   Polly

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Re: how to organize fabric stash ?
On 05/09/2011 23:26, robb wrote:
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Some of mine is omn roll, which are covered in poly tubing and stored on
end.  It's easy to see what that stuff is...

MOST is folded carefully, labeled with what it is, and then bagged in a
ziplock bag.  These are then placed in a lidded plastic storage crate.
An inventory is placed on the top.  Each type of fabric has it's own box
(like wool suitings, white fabrics, printed fabrics, etc.).  A label
with the fabric type is then put on the end of the box.

Well, that's the theory, anyway...  I need to get it all out and sort
it.  The crates are stored in my loft, in the dark.  I store like this
to keep moths and damp and light out of the fabric.  Light will rot some
fabrics fairly quickly.  Prevention is better than cure for moths.

Kate  XXXXXX  R.C.T.Q Madame Chef des Trolls
Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the Chocolate Buttons
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Re: how to organize fabric stash ?
On Tue, 06 Sep 2011 07:03:14 +0100, Kate XXXXXX
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Got digital camera?  Take photos, note yardage, fiber, etc. and stick the photo
in a computer photo album for easy browsing.  If you're using storage spots
that are difficult to get to, note the location of the piece with the photo.

Make the system as basic as possible, and as quick and easy as possible.  Yes,
it would be nice to have a fully relational database searchable on any field,
but do you want to sew or learn computer programming?  <g>

Mine is rolled and in clothes baskets, organized by the person it was intended

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Kate, if you can, lay that roll flat -- some fabrics will distort
on a roll when standing on end -- and particularly when the roll is leaning.


Re: how to organize fabric stash ?
Le 06/09/2011 00:26, robb a écrit :
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Mine is mostly in plastic storage bins, I have sorted by colour or type
i.e.  box of checked fabric, box of blue fabric in the past. More
recently I have been sorting by use; box full of baby fabric , box full
of lining for fleece jackets etc. I also have fabric on rolls so that's
stored upright in my sewing space. The boxes of fabric live in an old
caravan in the garden which has the windows covered, though it must be
said that some of them need to go back to the caravan but I lack the
impetus to get the summer boxes put down there  and clear some thinking
space in the sewing space!! each system has it's flaws I'm sure.

Claire in Montréal France.

Re: how to organize fabric stash ?

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I hang the bigger pieces on clothes hangers in the closet, so I can
easily organize them and see what I have. (If I have purchased a
pattern specifically for that fabric, or  matching buttons,  thread
and zippers, etc, those go in a zip loc bag which is then hooked onto
the same clothes hanger so everything is together.

Smaller pieces are currently in see-through plasic bins but I'd really
like to have them folded on top of each other in something like closet
organizers for shoes.


Re: how to organize fabric stash ? (thanks for all the replies)
Thanks to all who replied.

Apologies for the for late follow up though.
School work and extra-curricular activities for the kiddies has ramped=20
up greatly leaving less down/personal time.

I have the plastic bins and i need to decide which method suggested=20
works for me. I do not have much space and not enough yardage of any=20
one fabric to put on bolts. I am leaning toward organizing info on the=20

I do appreciate everyone's  effort and suggestions to help organize=20
the stash.

thanks again,

"robb"  wrote in message=20
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Re: how to organize fabric stash ? (thanks for all the replies)
robb wrote:
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You have an obligation to share if you devise a
better/perfect method.  ;->


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