How to sew on nylon webbing and D-rings?

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I have a bunch of 3/4" wide nylon strap webbing and D-rings to attach to the
ends of them.  Typical put through D-ring about  1 1/2" and sew a box
pattern to secure the ring to the strap webbing.  These are going on some
duffle bags to help secure them and to use shoulder straps if needed.

How does one get the machine to do this?  The sewing machine's drive feet
don't like the nylon webbing strap material as it is fairly open weave so
the stitches come out all messed up (lots of tangles and lousy thread

Does one do it as a freehand stitch on the machine?  I thought about the
zipper foot to get close to the D-ring part, but the rest is a mess and
having not that much material to catch is frustrating.


Re: How to sew on nylon webbing and D-rings?

B. Peg wrote:
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What needle, what thread. Typically you have a peircing power problem so use
at  least a 90 if not 100. If you are using beefy thread, you may have to
adjust your tensions and possibly hand crank.

It's not a foot issue, if you have trouble it is needle, thread or power

wait didn't I answer this a few hours ago?

penny s

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