I need HELP!!!!!

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My daughter's girlscout group has picked Spain for their country for a
meeting in Feb.  I was voulenteered by my wife to sew a traditional spanish
dress.  I have no idea where to start.  I have seen pictures of them and
they appear to be a multi-layered form following dress.  I have been
looking for a pattern that I can make one from, but no luck.  My daughter
is a size 8 and I need one to fit her.  Thanks in advanced for all help.

Re: I need HELP!!!!!
Deear Edward,

Find a fitting pattern from one of the pattern companies--they all
have them.  The Spanish dress has layers of ruffles from the bottom of
the thigh.  The sleeves are layers of ruffles on a flutter sleeve.  To
make this pattern, take a copy of the fitting pattern sleeve, and cut
it about three inches below the underarm.  Then slash in about eight
places from the lower edge to the top edge, but not all the way
through the seam allowance in the sleeve cap.  Then spread the pieces
(don't sneeze) and trace the result.  The sleeve will still fit in the
armhole, because it has not been changed--you've just spread the lower
edges.  Use lightweight fabric for the ruffles, and bind the edges
with colorful binding--not storebought seam binding--it's too stiff.
Use bias cut pieces from your stash or buy lining fabric and cut your
own bias.

Good luck  Please post a pic after you make the dress so we can see.


Re: I need HELP!!!!!
Edward Hughes wrote:
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Hi Edward,

Your description brings to mind the flamenco dress which is made for
dancing and traditional to Andalucia - think Carmen.

There are other, less racy, traditional dresses too see the last few
photos of this album:
& here:
In this style the lace apron and the head-dress are particular to the
various regions IIRC.

It is really a case of which style you fancy making :-)

Re: I need HELP!!!!!
Edward Hughes wrote:

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The dress you describe is a flamenco dancer's dress and is specific to
the gypsie-inspired flamenco music.

There is more than one type of Spanish dress.  I took these pictures in
Segovia in January 2007.  The girls were from local villages and they
came in costume to perform traditional dances in the town square outside
the cathedral in honor of a newly married couple.


If the girls don't already have their hearts set on flamenco costumes I
would suggest that these might be more authentic and appropriate to
girls their age.

The full albums from the trip which also include several shots of the
flamenco dance costumes may be seen at:

Re: I need HELP!!!!!
Kathleen wrote:

Bad, me, following up on my own post...

I just uploaded some very brief video clips showing the dancers in
motion.  The first starts off with a lovely shot of the pavement, taken
while I was trying to figure out what I was doing.


Re: I need HELP!!!!!
Edward Hughes wrote:
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That sounds more like a Flamenco dance dress than a traditional costume.
   Flamenco is the southern, Andalician tradition.  Never make the error
that these costumes are universal in Spain!

Take a look at these before making too many plans...
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

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Re: I need HELP!!!!!
Edward Hughes wrote:
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might get you started.  But be aware that "size 8" is
probably not the pattern size you need to purchase if that
refers to Ready To Wear sizing.  Take measurements *of your
daughter*, this site has good instructions:
to determine what size to use.

Good luck,


Re: I need HELP!!!!!
BEI Design wrote:

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Beverly, I thought about you and all the time you spend on your
granddaughter's dance costumes when I posted the pix up thread from
here.  The detail involved was amazing.

Each girls' costume was obviously custom made, with variations in trim
and design.  Their black velvet jackets had v-necks, with petalled hems,
and gussets under the arms for freedom of movement.  These were worn
over white cotton blouses.  The skirts were red velvet trimmed with
black lace in a variety of patterns.  The girls wore white crocheted
lace stockings and flat-soled mary-jane style dancing shoes.  They wore
their hair braided in a variety of elaborate styles.

It was a COLD day - maybe 30 degrees - but when it was time to perform
they stripped off their jackets and shawls and danced like champions as
their families beamed.

Re: I need HELP!!!!!
Dear Edward,

I agree that there are many costumes or ethnic dress in Spain, but
I'll bet that the Flamenco dress is the one the scouts are dreaming of
wearing.  How about if you first ask them, then offer a lesson on the
various garments worn across the country.  It would be a very
educational lesson, and they can have their fun, too.  Or you might
talk to the scout leader, and see if she can talk the girls into
wearing different costumes, instead of all the same.


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