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Can someone direct me to a web site, or anything that might have images
and/or basic specifications for the following Singer sewing machines?

4622, 4622a, 9420

Those three are supposed to be the same sewing machine.  What I need to know
are really the basics.  Slant or Low shank?  Kind of buttonhole? Number of
stitches, including stretch stitches, if it is reliable overall.

What I have got so far by searching the Internet has been thinner than a
sewing machine needle!

Thank you very much for anything useful you can provide me!

Mario Landerman

Re: Info on Singer sewing machines

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Maybe try support at

Advanced google search got a few hits, have you tried it? The first page of
hits had some  info at least.
Where it asks for ALL words type singer
Where it asks for AT LEAST ONE of the words put in 4622 4622a 9420

I got that it is a slant shank, 32 different stitches, and had an automatic
button holer. Manufacture starting 1993. One caveat,  I have not a clue if
it is at all accurate, just gave it a shot since I didn't see any replies

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Re: Info on Singer sewing machines
Hello jo,

Thanks very much.  I "googled" :-) the search with just the regular search,
which explains the lack of information.  Will do that research by myself.
Thanks again!

Mario Landerman
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