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Just read this on a FB sewing group
  "i think i want a new machine ... it cost 45 pounds to get it  
serviced... im not sure uts worth it"
  My gasp is well and truly flabbered and not just by the bad spelling  
but also by the sentiment.

So spending even 200 for a new plastic cheap machine is better than 45  
for a service on an old reliable machine? Not in my world.

PS if anyone can tell me where to get my Bernina serviced for that price  
I would be very grateful.
Claire in Montreal FRANCE

Re: Is it me?
On Monday, May 15, 2017 at 1:28:30 AM UTC-5, Claire in France wrote:
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Some people just cannot relate that having a good machine
serviced is worth the money vs. getting a new piece of
plastic junk.

Re: Is it me?
ItsJoanNotJoann wrote:
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They are likely the same people who think punctuation, grammar and  
spelling are obsolete.  

Re: Is it me?

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I believe I am a paid up member of the pedant club. The number of times  
I correct people out loud who are talking to camera on the television.  
They are paid for that rubbish presentation and often prepare what they  
are to say. The worst culprits are the singular plurals e.g. there is  
many Grrr
Claire in Montreal FRANCE

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