Is there anyone using the ver 9 of Dress Shop and having success with Pants?

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I used Dress Shop version 2.  I believe it was the very first version.  I
stopped sewing then later upgraded to Version 4, then 5 and now I've upgraded
again to version 9.  I haven't actually drafted a pattern using 9 but I did with
Version 2.  No matter what I do,  I still have to tweak pants crotch.  Skirts
are always the simplest but now I've gained a lot of weight and still have
problems with pants and skirt  waist standing away from my body because I have
to draft pattern large enough to accommodate large hips and buttocks area but
accommodate for a smaller waistline.    So now I need help with tweaking pattern
to fit what some refer to as a "shelf" - area from waist to top of buttocks in
the back and from waist to upper hip on the left and right sides and in the
front the area from waist to just below a protruding stomach area.   Is there a
secret to drafting to accommodate that "shelf" area?

Re: Is there anyone using the ver 9 of Dress Shop and having success with Pants?
Le 29/07/2013 22:44, SBrad a écrit :
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I used to use Dress shop but gave up  as I had a printing issue and the  
after sales service was  very unaccommodating as I am outside of the USA.
However with the patterns I do have from when the program worked I am  
very happy. As far  as I remember from when I used it if your base  
measurements are good , and there are many , and the toile is then good  
then everything else works out even if you have issues.
  I have seen examples of very uneven , non asymmetric people who have  
made fitting garments with this program. Mine were good despite 2 dress  
sizes difference between top and bottom I even have a 2 usable dress  
patterns, a miracle. Now if I could only remember where I put them, I  
could do with a new summer dress right now.
I suggest starting again in Version 9 with a new set of measurements of  
your body now. I know it all takes time but if you do that the program  
will do the drafting for you that what it's designed to do after all.

Claire in Montreal FRANCE

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