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Hancock Fabrics has a sale starting tomorrow on Sewing machines and 2 of the
3 sergers.  So I went up there this evening before dark and the very nice
manager let me go ahead and get the items I wanted at the sale price since
she was fixing to change over the cash registers to ring up the sale prices.
Hooray!  I got the Janome serger 3434 for $189 and some Christmas cloth for
My question is, do any of you have a Janome and how did you stop the noise
it makes?  I placed a computer mouse pad under the serger and that
definately helps, but it is still VERY noisy.
HELP!!!  Barbara in rainey SC

Re: Janome serger question

Lots of things will help.  My serger sits on a bathroom rug/mat - a very
fancy heavy-backed one from the bankruptcy sale store.  The SMs rest on
drawer liners.  A hunk of leftover carpet will work too.  One day we'll
study acoustics but meanwhile, just something to absorb some of the
vibration and racket will suffice.
    DO  use something that will keep it from wandering.  It seems like it
was our own Kate XXXXXXXXXXX   who had a serger leap off into her lap.  Now,
there's a picture.  Polly

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Re: Janome serger question

Thanks Polly.  Maybe I could get an extra small baby bassinet mattress!

Re: Janome serger question

On 19/08/2010 02:57, Polly Esther wrote:
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Yup, 'twas me!  I've had two try that trick, and one was a Janome.  The
one that actually fell off the table completely was a Bernette.  Verrrry

Neither of my current two sergers have tried this head-dive to
obscurity.  Even at its most rattly and noisiest, my Husqvarna also
failed to do so, despite screaming like a Gatteling gun and vibrating
like a tractor (it needs a new needle bar) the last time I used it.

Sergers ARE noisy compared with ordinary sewing machines.  They move
faster than most domestic machines and there's a lot less machine round
them to damp the noise and vibration.  That said, some are much better
than others.  As I have my main machines in an upstairs bedroom attached
to next door, I have them on mats on the bench.  This does cut down some
of the noise.  I  have my Bernina serger on a mat to stop it sticking to
the bench, as it's little feet are so effective!  Everyone who has used
it has said how quiet it is for a serger, and how smooth.

Right now I have my Brother serger set up on a plastic garden table in
my conservatory.  It vibrates a bit at top speed, but so far has
signally failed to do anything more disconcerting than sew.  It does
seem a little louder there than upstairs on the more solid bench, and
makes the whole table vibrate along with it, but is otherwise fine.
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Re: Janome serger question

My serger has rubber cup-like feet.  It doesn/t wander.  It's not terribly
loud.  BUT, my nextdoor neighbor says he knows when I'm using it (I live in
a townhome)!  He says he can't so much hear it, but he can feel the
vibrations!!  I was really surprised when I heard that!!

Alice in PA
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Re: Janome serger question

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This may not be much help currently but there is a formula used to calculate
such matters  ...

For each $10 more you spend on sergers you get ;

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As an extra bonus the reduction in the dosage of  frustration elixir further
reduces the risks and hazards that befall (think hammer) such  machines
while operating the machinery  under the influence of such elixirs.

just some light hearted humor from

lurker robb


Re: Janome serger question

A good suggestion!  I'll go in the morning and get a gallon of a fruit wine.

Re: Janome serger question

(think hammer) nothing!  A serger has two blades.  Sharp blades.  Think
mini-chain saw that stitches.  Enjoy the fruit wine but crochet some nice
fluffy potholders while you imbibe.  Polly
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Re: Janome serger question

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ah, you have chosen the frugal  solution :)

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