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Overlock 2/3/4D model # 385 16644, not much info online though I did find
that the 385's are made by Janome.  I just got one on ebay, haven't tried it
yet. I just watched the video this morning. Does anyone have this machine? I
hope it's a good one! Only used once though it's a few years old. Looking
for hints, tips, etc. Thanks

I have the Kenmore Overlock 3/4D model number 16642.  I bought it new about
12 or 13 years ago, and have never had a moment of trouble with it.  It has
never been in the shop or not worked.  I have often thought about buying
another serger and upgrading, but after hearing about all the problems with
other brands of sergers, I usually end up deciding to stick with my old
reliable Kenmore.


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Hi Carol,
I have the same model machine as you do (Model 16642).  Unfortunately, I
don't have a machine to convert the VHS Tape to a DVD.  Do you know where
I might be able to get this changed to a DVD?  I am taking a class on
5/9/2009 and would like to be able to view it after the class.  Any help
would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks much,


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I have the Kenmore 16622 from about a year ago, bought at sears.  Its pretty
good and holds the seam nicely for most fabrics, but if the fabric is too
thick it starts chewing it.  Definitley not made for heavy use, but great
for the amount of sewing I do.  I am in the middle of sewing nothing ever
and being Kate.  So probably a fair bit.


Michelle Giordano

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