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Denver Fabrics shipped the replacement four yards of
"Slinky" and it arrived a few minutes ago.  I sent them an
e-mail on the 4th explaining that one piece arrived short by
two yards, they never even questioned it.  The original
piece was picked up this afternoon, I was sure I would have
to wait for them to receive it, inspect it, and verify that
it was short.  But no, they apparently sent the new shipment
as soon as they received my message.

Well done, deverfabrics.com!


Re: Kudos!
BEI Design wrote:
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Makes you feel so good when you get service like that.It's a great
advertisement for them. I will have no qualms about ordering from Denver
Fabrics in the future. Thanks for letting us know Beverly.

Re: Kudos!
Juno wrote:
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That's why I posted it here, and I also sent them an e-mail
lauding their great service.  It's easy to complain about
stores like TSWLTH, good suppliers deserve a pat on the


Re: Kudos!
BEI Design wrote:
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On the subject of not having enough fabric, last year I bought a linen
fabric with pretty embroidery on it. I wanted to railroad it to make a
skirt with a border print. Unfortunately I bought the fabric before I
had the pattern and came up about 1/2 width short for 1 panel of the
skirt. I would have h ad enough if I had run the fabric on the length
rather than width. The day I bought  it my best friend bought the same
fabric to make pants and changed her mind and decided not to make the
pants. Yesterday we were having coffee and I told her I had to try and
find more fabric in the same design to finish the skirt or else use it
for something else. Later in the day DH answered the door and there was
my friend with her length of fabric, she said it was a gift to me so I
could finish my skirt. Now that's a good friend. I think I shall take
some of the leftover and  make her a Towne Purse. That way we both benefit.


Re: Kudos!
Juno wrote:
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We have a saying: What a friend gets is never lost!  :)

That would be an ideal Thank You.  :)

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Re: Kudos!
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deverfabrics is a saint.   or maybe they're not a saint, but they
figured out that the dollar value of the time it would cost them to
"check" such complaints, is higher than their cost to just re-do the

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