Laser Level

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I found this quote while searching my sewing diary for pictures to
illustrate a mailing-list post I decided not to write:


 Then I fetched my handy-dandy laser level, and bless whoever it was
who brought one to a meeting of the banner committee.  I don't use it
often, but when I do, it makes an impossible task easy and accurate.

The curl of the fabric stood up the mark on the far edge for easy
aiming.  Even after I put the level on a book, there was a gap in the
line because the north table is tilted a little.  I decided to mark to
the gap before putting another book under the level, but found that my
usual habit of watching the sparkles on the pen, rather than the
sparkles on the fabric, enabled me to precisely hit a line that I
couldn't see.

So the level was back in the drawer only a minute or five after I took
it out.  


Joy Beeson
joy beeson at comcast dot net
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