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I am going to start a business with a friend who is a home interior
decorator.  I will be sewing curtains, pillows, bed covers etc.  I would
like to know how to price these items.  Should I price them by the sq inch
plus cost of fabric or price the items per item plus cost of material?  Any
help would be appreciated.

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Re: Looking for pricing info
Christmas wrote:
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Here in the UK curtains are usually priced at the cost of fabric doubled
for made to measure, if that's any help.  They usually add a bit on if
they are specially wide and need more than one seam joining widths of
fabric.  Materials include linings, so if you use 10 m of fabric at 30
per metre, plus 10 m of lining at 5 per m, that's 350 in fabric, so
expect the curtains to cost 700 for the pair, for a plain finish.
Fancy pelmets and the like cost extra.  This info from Auntie Mo Next
Door, who's curtain shop has made curtains and laid carpet for the likes
of Anne Widdicome MP!  (She's the Member of Parliament for Maidstone,
for those who do not know of her.)  My neighbour is the shop manager,
not an owner.
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Re: Looking for pricing info
whether you area a lawyer or a seamstress, know your market, know the
quality of your product and charge accordingly.  

Christmas wrote:
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