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I have been following what little of this newsgroups appears through my server.
I am guessing this newsgroup is based on a selective server.  I have an old
problem with depression/ anxiety but the occasional humor here is delightful.
Things have been changing for me, some good and some bad.  Trying to ignore the
bad in favor of concentrating on the good.  

The good at this moment is all of my children are moving out of my house.  Just
next door for some of them.  Still, this means I will again be able to sew,
crochet, and embroider without grandchildren or children under foot.  I am
really looking forward to sewing many hours this winter.  I really miss sewing.
And who knows maybe once I get the mending and family sewing caught up I might
be able to sell some on eBay or someplace.

I sew from my own designs.  Not real fancy stuff for the most part, just
serviceable clothing and costumes.  Most of my clothing designs are for women.
The costumes tend more towards unisex Middle Ages designs.  (Former SCA member,
now seeking to sell to Larpers)  

Anyway, I am seeking ideas or guidance on what to sew and where to sell.  I live
in a very small town and sell very little locally.  That is why I am considering
Internet sales.  I have too many physical problems to travel and set up a booth
any longer.  (Read that as almost unable to walk, very limited strength to lift
anything and lacking a running motor vehicle.  Do have a horse or two, but they
are not cart trained.  LOL)

Slighter off color story about part of today:

So I sitting in the living room of the house next door where my daughter with
two children and my son have moved.  My eldest daughter is there with me to
visit.  Eldest daughter asks her brother why he does not want the house cats in
his room.  Middle daughter laughs and says he does not want them in his room
because they will not leave his new mattress alone.  Eldest daughter looks up at
Big brother and innocently asks why he doesn't want a little pussy in his bed.
All the women laughed and son just rolled his eyes while shaking head.

BTW, Son 30, Eldest daughter 24, Middle daughter 21 and absent Youngest daughter
19.  Grandchildren asleep in other room during this conversation, 1 and 3.

Re: Lurker Posting for a change
On 9/28/2013 9:03 PM, Belinda Alene wrote:
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Check out Etsy's website and see what's popular. Jump in here and post  
help when you can, ask questions when you need help with a project.  
Please remember though, no advertising.
I hope your health  improves steadily.

Re: Lurker Posting for a change

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Any other possible Internet sites?

I am asking for help in ideas.  I have made clothing of all kinds (historical,
fantasy, modern dress, modern casual) for both genders from newborn to adult
sizes.  I have made tents.  Shop style tents of 10 ft by 20 ft up to 30 ft by 40
ft.  Curtains, bedcovers, quilts, soft furniture.  I have a lot of experience in
a fairly large variety of project.  I am just seeking ideas.

I did not put an advertisement on the first post, nor do I intend to advertise
here.  It would be silly to advertise here in a group of people who sew.  If I
were to advertise here it would be to sell jewelry or leather work.  But I am
guessing that people who sew also have other crafts as I do.

Re: Lurker Posting for a change
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You can try sites like Craftsy, creativebug,Hartfabric has a tutorial  
once a week if you subscribe to their news letter. Martha Stewart.
  You have to google craft sites as  well.
As far  as advertising, that's just a general reminder. You would be  
amazed how many people try it and it turns everyone here off.
That's about thebest I can do in the way of help.

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