Machine Embroidery?

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Anyone on this group have a machine that can do custom embroidery?   The
local shops want to charge a $65 set-up fee.  I have a one-color logo that I
would like embroidered on a piece of Nylon fabric and wondered if anybody on
here might want to make a few bucks off their machine.  If anyone's
interested, please contact me for more details at


Re: Machine Embroidery?
Try alt.sewing.mach-embroider


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Re: Machine Embroidery?
you might try asking over in alt.sewing.mach-embroider

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Re: Machine Embroidery?
i have an embroidery machine...but if i understand you correctly, the local
shop is charging you 65- to digitize the logo. this is actually a very
reasonable takes time to digitize it (meaning taking it from an image
to something the embroidery machine recognizes) as well as test stitching it
out, ect.....

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