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Hi there:

I've never posted here before.  I know this is a regular question that
has no easy answer, but I'd like to ask it anyway.

I'm a sewer with 30 years experience.  I started with a Singer that my
mother bought me and then have had 3 Husqvarnas since then.  Currently
have a Lily 555.

I'd like to buy a new machine.  My sewing is mostly quilting, home
sewing, and crafts.  I hate adding and taking off the walking foot
when I work with several layers of flannel.  I sew about 1-2
hours/day.  Price is not really a problem, but I don't have to have
the TOTL.  I'm seriously considering one of the PFaff because of the
built-in feed.  What is want is nice neat stitching, reliability,
durability.  A few decorative stitches would be nice, and good satin
stitching.  What is everyone's opinion?

On a separate note, I'm considering an embroidery machine.  Don't need
TOTL, not opening up a business.  Just want nice precise, neat
stitching.  A machine that will not do everything but will do well
what it does do.  Does that make sense?  Recommendations?

Thank you,

Re: Machine Opinions

Quiet Reef wrote:

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I sew both garments and quilts on my Lily 550, bought in 1999.  It is a
bit of a skiddle to fit the walking foot, but I'm finding as time goes
on that I do more free-motion quilting than lines, for which the walking
foot is not used.  I use it far more in dressmaking!
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I sew more than 1-2 hours a day at times.  More like 5-8!  I love my
Lily and wouldn't swap it for the Pfaff.  OK, the built in walking foot
is fine - though I have never found it to be better than the HV walking
foot.  For me the serious disadvantage of the Pfaff is that all the
controls are in the wrong place, where the Lily feels like it was tailor
made just for me!  Changing the foot is a minor inconvenience compared
with that!

Best possible thing you can do is take some fabrics along to the store
and sit with all the machines you fancy and try them out.  If the Pfaff
fits, it will do you very well.  The stitch quality is as good as the Lily.
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Can't answer this as I'm not yet in the market for an embroidery
machine.  However, if all my geese lay golden eggs, I'll be looking at
the Husqvarna Designer SE.
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Fpo more quilty advice, come on over and join us at
rec.crafts.textiles.quilting.  great group - loads of really experienced
quilters there with many different types of machiunes.
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Re: Machine Opinions

Are you wanting separate sewing and embroidery machines? or a combined

My recommendation is Janome, firstly for stitch quality and secondly
because the embroidery unit is built in.....not a cumbersome unit that
needs to be fitted every time you want to embroider, the Janome swaps at
the touch of a button.

There are lots of models......some are general sewing, embroidery only
or a combination.  Mine is the combination TOL and although I've had a
few problems with it initially (repaired under warranty), it seems to be
perfect now.  I've owned Janomes for about 25 years and although I've
checked out other models each time I've upgraded I've stuck with Janome
because they are user friendly and stitch quality is great.

alt.sewing.mach-embroider is group that will help with embroidery
specific questions, then there are several Yahoo groups for different

Hope this helps?
Bronwyn ;-)

Quiet Reef wrote:

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Re: Machine Opinions


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You have one of the best in the Lily 555. Putting on and taking off
the walking foot is not that much of a hassle.

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Janome Memory Craft 300E.


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