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I recently ordered two chairs that are upholstered with microfiber
polyester fabric.  After doing some internet research, I elected not
to have them sprayed with the stuff that makes them moisture
resistant.  I figured they were "by nature" already resistant to it
and it would be a waste of money.  Now I am wondering if I made a bad
choice.  Does anyone know if it's possible to buy a can of spray at
the fabric store and do it myself?  Do you have experience with fabric
that has not been treated?  Have any problems with it?  I don't even
know the name, only that it is not Scotchguard.

Re: Microfiber Fabric
Hi Dottie,
We have chairs and a couch in microfiber that is not treated (as far as I
know). They are wonderful! I have 4 kids that spill on them. I just use a
wet microfiber cloth to wipe off all the spills, grease, etc. I think you
made the right decision.

Kirsten Sollie

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Re: Microfiber Fabric

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We also have a micro fiber sofa and loveseat.  I LOVE them.  Easy easy easy
clean up .. and that is w/ 2 little kids and 2 little dogs.
I have not seen a microfiber cloth?  Where do you get those?  Right now I
just use a white washcloth, however it can leave a little lint behind.

Re: Microfiber Fabric
Sometimes furniture stores sell Scotchguard-ing as an extra "sale".  I
remember when I bought some furniture, we decided not to have it
Scotchguarded.  The salesman looked at us really funny, as if to say "Don't
say I didn't tell you so.." and was surprised when we didn't go for the $138
for Scotchguarding.  We bought four cans of the spray, and when DH turned
over one of the easy chairs, inside was a tag saying it was Scotchguarded at
the factory.  We figured the $138 was the salesman's "tip"!

I currently own a sofa that has not been treated.  It is not a microfiber,
but a rayon/poly fabric.  Other than the snags from the cat wanting to get
up on it, it's been just fine.  I shampoo it twice a year and I've had it
for over 8 years.  If you wipe up spills quickly, you should have no
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