Modal fabric?

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Could someone tell me what modal fabric is?  I searched the previous
posts in this group for this fabric but came up with zero.  Is it a
nice fabric, wrinkly, stretchy, pilling, etc.???  I haven't a clue and
if I've seen it I don't remember or it didn't make an impression on me.

Re: Modal fabric? wrote:
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I've never seen this fabric, but here's a definition of what modal
fabric is as defined at

modal:  type of viscose. Modal fabric has softness, good drape and is
comfortable for wearing  Modal fabric has good moisture regain and air
permeability which is often considered better than cotton fabric, it is
a good material for exercise clothing and health suit, which can serve
to benefit physiology circulation and health of the body.  Modal fabric
has level up surface, fine and smooth and velvet, which have the effect
of natural silk.  The yarn has the character of high strength.  The
fabric has good softness and brilliant luster.  The effect of the
finished Modal garment is very good, and the form is steady.  The
garment maintains anti-crease properties and has relatively easy care.


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It's a type of cellulosic fabric, like rayon or tencel.  Technically
man-made, it's made from natural materials.  It's used much like
rayon, and is often blended with polyester.

Jenn Ridley :

Re: Modal fabric?
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Fiber, not a fabric.  It's a trade name for high wet modulus rayon.
Can be woven to make many, many types of fabric.  Probably closest in
feel and behavior to Tencel (lyocell)
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