Necchi-Alco 500 sewing machine.

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Our church is having a rummage sale this Saturday.  There is an older
Necchi - Alco 500 sewing machine,which I can have for $15 if I want it.
  I must decide by Friday noon.

It is an older machine, heavy as lead, with apparently all-metal
construction.  It sews straight and simple zigzag only - the needle is
broken so I have to go upstairs and find a new one and install it before
  I can test the stitching, but it certainly runs smoothly and quietly.

It has an external motor, labeled made in Japan, but I have not yet
found any kind of serial no. on it. It has a two-pin non-polarised plug.
  What I assume to be the bobbinwinder is an odd shaped extrusion from
the upper right front.

I have not been able to find any info on this on the web (I do not have
a Yahoo account so cannot go there) nor can I find a manual.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Particularly by Friday a.m.

Olwyn Mary in New Orleans.

Re: Necchi-Alco 500 sewing machine.

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Good machine all in all even if a low end machine. One of the basic generic
badged machines. Finding a manual will be difficult but common parts like
feet and bobbin, etc will be readily available.

Ron Anderson A1 Sewing Machine
18 Dingman Rd Sand Lake, NY 12153
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Re: Necchi-Alco 500 sewing machine.

Ron Anderson wrote:

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Thank you, Ron.  Nowhere on the web could I find an accurate thread
path, nor which way to insert the needle,  nor how to work the little
buttons  which I *think* are for the upper thread tension, so I decided
to leave it there, with a note on as to its problems. If I have to pay
for a service call, I would rather it were for one of my two existing

Thanks again.

Olwyn Mary in New Orleans.

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