Necchi Supernova info / reviews ?

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   Hi all.
Today,  I saw a very clean   Necchi Supernova  -  at a Thrift Store.
It was in a nice portable case  -  I didn't see much accessories  ..
 ( sometimes the accessories are stored at the check-out )  
Does anyone here have any experience with this machine ?
   Thanks in advance.
     John T.

Re: Necchi Supernova info / reviews ?
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I don't, but it's a very well thought of vintage machine. Here's a group that  
might be able to tell you more:
The Italian made Necchis are generally considered better engineered than the later
Asian models.


Re: Necchi Supernova info / reviews ?
On Fri, 4 Jul 2014 09:42:03 +0000 (UTC), Kay Lancaster

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   Thanks  Kay   -   I'll check out the yahoo group.
      John T.

Re: Necchi Supernova thinning the herd ..

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     Thanks again  Kay.    
 I did go back and buy the machine  -  $ 25.
It was a little stiff  -  but loosened up with just a little oil.
Heavy as a tank !   Very nice sewing - but limited to straight  
or zig-zag  -  no cam stack in this model ..
 The Yahoo  Necchi Group was very good for downloading
info  -  including an English language manual  ..
  This machine came with a Dutch manual and  original
Dutch bill-of-sale ..  I think  ... 1957  -  but the machine looked
like new  !
  I decided to sell it  -  to a lucky lady  -  for  $ 100.
< not for the  "profit" .. just glad that someone really wanted it -
-  for the great old sewing machine that it is  ! >
  .. now to sell the White 710  ..  
.. and I'll be down to  2 Elnas -  not for sale.   :-)
    John T.

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