Need Info on Beaumark 4700 Sewing Machine

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My friend purchased a Beau*Mark 4700 sewing machine from a sewing
store years ago.  She wanted a used machine without bells and whisles
that was pretty durable and the woman suggested this machine below.
It didn't come with a book, but is supposedly so basic that you don't
need one.  Well, I have it now , sewed a little, the thread from the
bobbin broke and it took me a long time to figure it out. Of course
once I fixed the thread, it was easier for me next time.   But  I
don't want to go through this hassle everytime something "simple"
happens. Does anyone know ANYTHING about this machine?  I really can't
find anything anywhere.
(I kind of like this old macine, especially after trying a 200 dollar
singer and bending two needles (which were  correct size) going trough
several layers of denim and this old machine went through with it

Here are the specifications that I have about the machine:
 Beau*Mark 4700 Sewing Machine

Sticker says:
June 22, 1984
Model 272-9318280
"Order Replacement Parts by mail or through our Retail Stores"
Sears, Roebuck and Company, Chicago, Illinois

On Front Of Machine:
Made in W. Germany

On Back Of Machine:
Beaumark LR 34692, 120V, 60 Cycles
Total 90 Watts, Lamp 10 Watts Max.

Stamped on the metal on bottom:
41 50108-01

Kristen Anne

Re: Need Info on Beaumark 4700 Sewing Machine
kristen anne wrote:

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If it says to order parts from Sears, you can find out about it from
Sears.  They will still have information on machines that old.
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Re: Need Info on Beaumark 4700 Sewing Machine (kristen anne) wrote in message
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I would like to know where to get a manual for this machine also.  I
am in the same positon as Kristen Anne.

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