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Hi everyone,
I'm new to this forum and pretty new to sewing. Well, I've done a few quilts
wall hangings, curtains,
fabric bowls and purses but never anything to do with clothing until last
Last week I resized some T-shirts that were too big for me. I've had them a
long time and
wanted to wear them so I asked for help and got it. :)
Here is what I came up with. They are getting a little better with everyone
I do.
All of my photo albums are here: /
My first experience with sewing was October of 2003. I'm not that new but
new enough. :o)
I have no clue why but I became interested in quilting.
I cleaned out an old junk room (plaster half off) that had seen better days
and placed my old Brother machine (XR-31) that had only been used to sew up
ripped knees in my boys jeans on a little wooden school desk.
I found out there was a quilt shop about ten minutes away by searching on
line. They had a website and they were going to be starting a block of the
month club. You pay $5 and go once a month to pick up the packet of fabric
and instructions on how to make the block and if you go every month you end
up with a quilt for $5 :)
I bought all the items I needed to get started at her shop and it was SO
expensive but I didn't know that until I did
some research later on. She showed me how to use the rotary cutter and how
to get a 1/4" seam and I was on my own. I bought some cheapie fabric at
Walmart to practice cutting and when I went to try I had no idea what I was
suppose to do. LOL! I went through lots of frustration but ended up with a
cute table runner and then I started the block of the month.
The frustration level was very high as the local quilt shop owner proved to
be very rude (laughing at me) and I ended up not going back after the block
of the month was done.
I again went to the internet to find quilting buddies and help and found a
local guild. I have buddied up with a gal that is about 10 miles away. She
is very busy but we get together once a month and I have emailed and called
her a few times. She's the best.
My "MAIN" support though I have to say is internet groups either yahoo
groups or forums. The feeling of being stuck now doesn't frustrate me so
much because I know that there is help through the cable lines. LOL.
All of my quilts (6) have been Mystery Quilts except for one so it wasn't
the seeing of what the project would end up like. I really don't have a clue
what got me started.
I then wanted a bigger sewing machine to machine quilt easier and went to a
Janome Workshop. The project we did to try the two machines out was a
Patchwork Purse. Well, that got me interested in purses. I don't have a clue
either what led me to Lazy Girl Designs but the "LOOK" of the item is what
draws me to make a purse. Photos of what others have made draws me to make
an item . To want remake an item is the ease of making it and the
functionality of what I have made.
I would like to make some PJ bottoms but never seem to get at it.
Shortly after getting into quilting my husband became laid off and he said
he would put a few electrical outlets in as I was running off a pull chain
light for electricity. He thought about it a bit and said lets move your
stuff into the bedroom and redo the whole room up nice. That was so neat of
him. I got busy making curtains and a wall hanging for "MY" new room.
Raising two sons I longed for some "pink" so pink because the focus fabric
and pink became the door and window casing paint color. I love that little
room although I have threatened to expand it into the next room. :)
My husband was laid off so long that WE redid the whole upstairs that hadn't
been toughed since the 50's I think. LOL!
I since have gotten into machine embroidery, hand and machine knitting. I
use to be an avid bread baker
and still get into it once in a while and use to do macramé and weaving a
That's a small part of my story. I enjoyed writing it out. :)
Really..........I'm "NOT" usually this chatty. LOL!
Susie in northern NY

Re: New here and intro :o)
Susie wrote:
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Susie, Welcome to the group. You will enjoy being here. We are always
happy to have new folks come in with us.
It sounds like you've be a very busy woman the past few years and your
husband sounds like a gem. I took a peek at a few of  your pictures, you
have so much there I'll have to check back more than once. You did a
good job on your Tee's, congratulations are in order. I commend you on
you ability  to stick with your sewing projects even when you became
Don't you love the Lazy Girl purses, they are so much fun.
So welcome again, chime in when you have answers and ask away when you
have questions.

Re: New here and intro :o)
HELLO, Susie!!  Welcome to our group, so glad to have you here and I
loved your pictures and really like your sewing room.

Re: New here and intro :o)
On Jun 2, 2:53 pm, wrote:
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hi everyone i enojoy it here also  i sew Alot!! lol i need to post my
pics to show off but am kinda confused where to post and how..its
great to see other women who love sewing as much as i  yayy

Re: New here and intro :o)
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HELLO to YOU too, Jen!!  My sewing skills are n-o-t nearly as
extensive as others here, but I love reading this group and most
always pick up some fabulous tips.  Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Re: New here and intro :o) wrote:
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Hi Jen, Glad your here,
You can put pictures up on places like photo bucket. Free, Free, Free.
Sorry I'm so slow welcoming you. Got bogged down in nothing today. Well
actually it was something. I didn't sleep well the past couple of days
so I'm suffering from slight brain freeze.
Hope to see some of your work soon.

Re: New here and intro :o)
Hi there! Thanks for the welcome and for liking my photos and sewing room.
I've enjoyed reading the messages here so far. Nice place!

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Re: New here and intro :o)
Thanks for the welcome. :)
I skimmed through all of the thousands and thousands of messages here and I
enjoyed them.
Yes, my husband is a gem. I'm realizing this more and more after 33 years.
Thanks for liking my photos and for the 'good job' said about my T's.
Yes, lazy girl designs are super. I've done the Towne, Summer Tote and
Wallet so far.
Oh yes, I will remember to write in as I take my baby steps into sewing
Susie in northern NY

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Re: New here and intro :o)
Let me add my welcome to the others; I enjoy looking at photos of items
everyone does.  I've been sewing some 65-66 years and enjoy it as much today
as when I first began.  Having 3 DDs, I've done a lot of clothing, but not
much crafting.  Today, the only sewing I usually do is for my 8 year-old DGD
and myself,although I am altering some clothing for a DD this month.
Emily in Houston, TX and who wants to visit upstate NY one day.

Re: New here and intro :o)
Thanks for the welcome.
I also enjoy looking at photos. It is fun and inspiring at times.
How neat that you have been sewing so long.
I live way up to the top of the state. It is barren but beautiful.
I've been to TX once in the Temple area.

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