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I've noticed it other places besides Project Runway......where the
zipper is sewn to the outside of the garment and becomes almost an

Personally I think it looks like the poor schmuck just didn't know how
to install a zipper the right way.

Does anyone else have comments on this.?

On 14/11/2011 14:44, Chris R wrote:
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I'm with you on this one!

Su and I had to bling up a frock the other week.  Posh evening type
frock...  We put crystals all over the top, and then I had to mend the
seam at the bottom of the zip.  I just wanted to rip the whole thing out
and 'put it in properly'!  :D

Feature zips with crystals on have been around a while, and properly put
in they can look great up the back of a gown.  But you sew them in like
a concealed zip (one of the best inventions in clothing EVER!) so that
only the crystal line shows when it's done up.

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That does sound like a very spiffy garment.  But where could I wear one?
Not to visit granddies, I have to watch the older one ride her horse in a
show; nor to travel some 1800-miles in a couple weeks.  Oh maybe at
Christmas.  LOL.

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