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Just had to brag a bit:

My eldest grandson married the love of his life this morning in Gainesville,
FL and the happy couple are now on the way to their new home in Starkville,
MS, where he begins his new position in the Communications Dept of MS State,
on Monday, August 1st.
Since I wasn't there because of illness, he called during the reception to
say how much I was missed; so sweet & thoughtful of him, in my opinion.


Re: OT: A Brag Today
On 30/07/11 21:56, E Bengston wrote:
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Congratulations to the happy couple.  What a pity you were unable to be
there in person, but you were included in spirit - well done to your DGS
for making the day special for you.


Re: OT: A Brag Today
Thank you, Lizzy!  It was a pleasant surprise that he called me.
He knows he is and always will be, "My Boy."

Of the seven DGC, he is the eldest & we've always been very close.


Re: A Brag Today
So happy he called to let you know how much you were missed.  Maybe it won't
be long before you get to go visit him and his bride,
Barbara in HOT SC

Re: OT: A Brag Today

"E Bengston" wrote...
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Congratulations! And I think it was really sweet of him to call you. I
wouldn't have been able to call anybody on my wedding day, but then, I had
everybody I cared for in the room, and I was the bride, not the groom. I
think men stand this kind of event a lot more coolly. BTW, wasn't that the
wedding you wondered what to wear to? Life's way of helping you with
decisions. :-( Anyway, as Barbara said, I bet you'll go and visit him/them
in his/their new home soon.


Re: OT: A Brag Today
Thank you, Ursula.  This was the wedding I was looking forwarded to
attending, but GOD had a different plan.  As I'd mentioned, DS, with whom I
live, & I were going to drive to FL for the wedding and then drive up to
visit the younger DS in SC to see the younger DGDs.

DS became ill and his doctor gave him a 3-week supply of a strong antibiotic
and told him, it'd be dangerous for him to drive so far in this heat.
I am unable to fly anymore; so he flew over for the wedding, and is on a
flight home now.
He and the groom planned for the couple to call me during the reception on
DS's phone at a time when the guests were dancing and they were sitting
alone.  I couldn't believe it; I was thrilled beyond words.  This is the
eldest DGC and we have always been very close.


Re: A Brag Today

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I'm so happy for them. And what a sweetheart to call you!!  I know you
wanted to be there, but when you are able to visit, you and your son will
get them all to yourselves and not have to share them with all the other
wedding guests.  ;)

Never try to teach a pig to sing.  It's a waste of time and just annoys the

Re: A Brag Today
Thanks, Sharon, for your comments.  They did not take a honeymoon, he had to
report into work yesterday, so the drive from Gainesville, FL to Starkville,
MS was it for now.

After football season is over, & before Girls' softball season begins, they
should be able to go somewhere for a few days.


Re: OT: A Brag Today
 i'm very sorry you were not able to be there...but i think it speaks
volumes about the kind of man he is to remember to call his grandmom.
God Bless the new couple! (and here is hoping a trip to MS is in your
very near future!!)


Re: OT: A Brag Today
Thank you, Betsy!  I was born and reared in S Central MS, and have made the
trip so many times, though not to Starkville.  It's an easy day's drive from
Houston, much closer than FL.


Re: A Brag Today

E Bengston wrote:
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Emily, congratulations on having such a thoughtful and
loving grandson.  I hope you are able to visit the newlyweds


Re: A Brag Today
It's a 9-hour drive to see them, versus the 17-18 hours to FL; I am already
making plans for next month or early October.

Beverly, enjoy your vacation and please take photos to post for us to see.


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