OT: I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

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Well, after 10 days of new internet, I'm back online!!   Yippee!!  You
guys chatter quite a bit, though not as much as my other ng...lol.  I
can't type much as I am sitting in the middle of boxes....sewing
room/office is only partially set up....computer set up, some fabric put
away, sewing area totally trashed still.  Floor has been ripped up and
is nearly 99% replaced (ripped up carpeting and installed laminate
flooring....only have section by door to do).  Need to get some little
rugs, a rolling chair, and a futon for the room...this will be a guest
room if we ever have people stay for more than a night (we also have 2
sofa beds).

More once things get settle d a bit....HAD to get online after
today...first day of kindergarten for my big guy, and I needed to de-stress.


Re: OT: I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack
On Mon, 22 Aug 2005 19:15:45 -0400, CNY/VAstitcher

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Good for you, Larisa. Your energy is astounding. Wish I had something
approaching it. Hope your little guy had a wonderful time.

Re: I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack
Well done.  After our move it was a couple of weeks before we were back on
line.  Amazingly we finished unpacking first!  We've only been in our new
home for 6 weeks - hope you're enjoying yours as much as we're enjoying
ours.  I have a sewing room for the first time ever - I'm still waiting for
my sewing cabinet to arrive and the sewing projects are starting to back up.

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Re: I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

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Welcome back!!!  (((Hugs)))

When we move the computers are usually one of the first things to be set up.

Michelle Giordano

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