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I just made a very foolish mistake--deleted all messages on alt.sewing.  Now
I'm missing my friends this afternoon.  Oh well, I will check back later to
see what's new.

Re: OT: mistakes
On Tue, 24 Apr 2007 19:09:28 GMT, CypSew wrote:

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Umm, I'm probably teaching granny to suck eggs, but you can just download
messages again.

Been a long time since I used OE, but you may be able to chosse just to d/l
the last 100, say, so you don't have to wait for a few thousand!


the dot wanderer at tesco dot net

Re: OT: mistakes
Yes, Richard, that is what DS said this morning.  I told him  for my B-day &
Christmas this year, I expect a new Apple, he has had one for two years and
loves it.
I began with a Tandy in the 80s, their first laptop; then I've had a couple
of TRS desktops, and later, I got an H-P, and this is my 4th one of them.  I
still like Windows 98 on the desktop  in the breakfast room.  I keep this
laptop in the sewing room for sewing and sometimes use it for e-mail.  The
older ones go to the DGC, so they will have their own, instead of sharing.

Re: OT: mistakes
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i lurk here often ... and i just got a new apple laptop and i am over
the moon about it , it is my 3rd one.
 Does anyone know anything about any pattern making software for

Re: OT: mistakes
froggie lover wrote:
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Wild Ginger do their Mac compatible, I believe.

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Re: OT: mistakes
Kate XXXXXX wrote:
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" Our software may run on a Macintosh through Virtual PC and

I have no personal experience, but my DD loathes running PC apps
on her Mac using Virtual PC.

Re: OT: mistakes
On Apr 27, 12:10 am, "BEI Design"
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Ya know my DH is all gung ho for me to try boot camp but i am wary it
seems like a  lot of hassle and i also loathe windows ! honestly it is
so clumsy and anti intuitive :... but thank you guys for your help i
thought maybe there was some really cool super secret one i didn't
know about :)

Re: OT: mistakes
CypSew wrote:
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Can you reset your news reader options to read all the messages as
opposed to just the new ones?

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