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Hi folks--
   Y'all are smart and sensible. I need some advice on how to approach
applying for a job for the third time.

   It's partly grant-writing, of which I have some brand-new
experience, and partly city planning, for a county government. When it
was first advertised last October I applied. (Can't recall if they ever
send a rejection letter.) Saw it advertised again in March (which is
when I wrote my very first grant application), applied again (including
a 50-mile drive to my old campus to pick up my transcript, since I did
not have one and the deadline was that day.)

   Now it's advertised again. I don't want to come across as "gee you
sure are picky" or "did the last one not work out? see ya should've
hired me!" or "I'm b-a-a-c-k!" But I've been on the other side of the
HR desk and understand why they might be running it again (they are
picky, or they made a political choice and it didn't work out).

   Ideas, please. Sewing content: I want to wear my professional
clothes to a real job!


--Karen M.

Re: OT: need cover letter advice
Karen M. wrote:
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Update all your information and try again.  Obviously they've struck out
twice already, and they may have adjusted their sights about what
they're looking for.  Having successfully written a grant proposal is a
major plus.  Many organizations depend on grants for major portions of
their funding, so an experienced, successful grant writer is essential.

Go in fresh.  Try not to carry any baggage from the last time you
applied.  Don't be surprised if someone different is doing the
stitches @ singerlady.reno.nv.us.earth

Re: OT: need cover letter advice
Joanne wrote:
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   Never got as far as an interview previously. I've half a mind to
drive over there (it's not a bicycle-friendly commute) and talk to

   In an adjacent county, they bent over backwards to persuade me to
send in the test materials. This was followed by an on-site test about
integrity and honesty (ya don't think they had a previous concern with
this??). The panel interview went well, the county administrator
interview went well....and then it appeared in the newspaper classified
the next week. "None of the above."


--Karen M.

Re: OT: need cover letter advice
Karen M. wrote:
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That is exactly what I was going to suggest. Tenacity never hurt, but
beware it is a fine line to "annoying!"

Also, try to find out the names of some of the people who will actually
be involved with the position, and send your resumes directly to them as
well as to HR. I've done a bit of hiring, and I've interviewed
candidates I would have passed over because the manager brought me the
resume and asked me to, because they saw something they liked.

Often, and this is terrible to say, but upper managers get ticked at HR
for delaying things, and will do an end run right past them at the first
chance they get.

Go there to drop off the resume and talk to anybody you can.

How does your resume look? They've changed a lot since the '80's.  They
tend to be written with less emphasis on dates and titles, more emphasis
on responsibilites, initiatives, and trendy phrases like "organized a
team" instead of "hired a staff."

Also you mentioned that you had in interview in an adjacent county but
didn't get the job. What do you think could have gone better? Were there
any questions you stumbled on?

My one skill in life is interviewing well. I don't always get
interviews, but when I do, I almost always get the job. If I don't, I
know right away that I am not going to, and why.


Re: OT: need cover letter advice
Dear Karen,

Writing grants was part of my official duties at Syracuse University
and Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.  In your cover letter,
explain those grants that you have successfully completed.  These
people are obviously looking for someone who has experience in writing
grants, and for some reason, those previously chosen did not work out.
Try to be enthusiastic in your cover letter, and stress other skills
you have that will make you successful.  There are books available at
your local library that will help you once you've secured the position
to guide you in writing successful grants.
Good luck to you!!


Re: OT: need cover letter advice
SU??  DID YOU SAY SU????  SOrry to yell, but that's pratically in my b
ack yard (okay, down the road a bit and into the city...but you get the
idea).  When were you here??

Larisa, getting ready to leave the area for.....Waynesboro, VA

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