Overlocker and Coverstitch Machine - Suggestions Needed

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Hello All

I feel it's about time to add an overlocker to my sewing paraphenalia.  I'm
thinking of either buying an oldie but goodie either from ebay or my local
shop which does refurbs or splashing out on something computerised that will
hopefully see me through a good 20 or 30 years!

I must admit I am leaning towards getting something new and shiny.  I don't
want to buy something and then find that it's not letting me be all I can
be.  Are there any overlockers that do the coverstitch as well?  I'm looking
for some recommendations - all help gratefully received.

Many thanks


Re: Overlocker and Coverstitch Machine - Suggestions Needed

Rachel Grier wrote:
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Some things to ponder:

Computer technology is moving so fast that computerized sewing machine
become out of date very quickly, and components may not be available for
repair 5 years down the line...

There are several overlockers that also do coverstitch: look for 5
thread machines.  HOWEVER, the learning curve for converting is long and
steep, and the results often less than stellar.  And the converting to
and from coverstitch is a pain.  Is it worth the 100+ or so extra?  How
much coverstitch are you liklely to do?  If it's less than frequently,
you may think the extra cost is not worth it, but if it is frequently,
you may want to consider a 2/3/4 thread overlocker and a separate
coverstitch machine.  This is certainly the way I would go.

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Re: Overlocker and Coverstitch Machine - Suggestions Needed

Kate XXXXXX wrote:
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I agree.  I had an older Bernette 2-3-4 serger and a
Huskylock 910 serger and added a stand alone coverstitch
machine to my tools several years ago.  After I won a
Huskylock 936 which does both, I gave away the 910, but I
still use the coverstitch machine whenever I need it,
because the conversion to coverstitch on the 936 is...
difficult/challenging/not worth the time.


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