paper mache dress form

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Looking through the net I came across Paper Mache dress forms. Would it be
hard to make your own.


Re: paper mache dress form

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AS I read your message, I recalled my only experience with paper mache, and
couldn't help but laugh.  My first thought was, easy to make, but a bear to
get off.......when my daughter was 8 or so, I decided to make her a piñata
for her birthday party.  (We lived in Northern New York, and piñatas weren't
exactly readily available.)  I blew up a big balloon  and started slapping
on the paper - in fact, I schlepped it on to the tune of an inch or so.  Let
it dry well, filled it with candy and stuff, and hung it from a beam in the
basement.  Well, let me tell you - there were probably 12 kids beating on it
with everything including a baseball bat.  My cousin (~30) finally took over
and managed to knock it down and the kids took over from there - no way were
they about to allow it to be put back up.  We have it on film somewhere.
The adults laughed themselves sick, and I don't understand why, but no one
has ever asked me to put my paper mache skills to use. ;>)


Re: paper mache dress form

Sharon & Jack wrote:
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I had to laugh along with you.  Thorough, are you?  A job worth doing is
worth the point of overkill?   I can just see those kids
(and adults) whaling away on that "concrete" pinata.


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Re: paper mache dress form

meme wrote:
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I haven't heard before of a papier-mâché form, but you might look into
a "duct tape form":



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Re: paper mache dress form

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FURSUIT.ORG?????  Wow, what a great name.  

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Re: paper mache dress form

Thank you for the link. I heard about the duct tape one before, but the one
I read mentioned a "paper mache" one you could buy, so I thought maybe I
could make one, using some tall object then shaping it to my measurements,
without having to dress up in duct tape. :-)

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