Petition to stop SIMPLY Quilts from airing only once a day

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Please be cautious ladies and gentlemen.
Don't sign this petition 'pushed' by sammybuys and others who have
commercial interests in selling products on E-bay etc.
In order to stay alive and keep presentations for other sucjects and
hobbies HGTV obviously needs to present broader forums to those
interested in subjects that produce money to  TV production.
We need no more than perhaps twice a week of Simply Quilts.  This
woman is a self-promoter with not much to present other than herself.
HGTV is aware of this and of her limited audience.
The company will make great decisions for you to view and that appeal
to a larger group of people.
The audience is far larger on these home type programs...think of
Christopher on PBS with his decorating show.  The most popular program
of its kind.  This is the type of program HGTV needs in order to
become a major producer.
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Please don't try to get a fight started over this.  People will sign a
petition if they like Simply Quilts whether or not someone is selling
junk on Ebay.  As IF that was any incentive. Good grief.

We are always cautious ladies and gentlemen.


"Zbrigid"  wrote:

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Re: Petition to stop SIMPLY Quilts from airing only once a day
I  really cannot see a connection between SQ and eBay, or am I missing
something important? And by the way, Zbrigid, who are you?
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Re: Petition to stop SIMPLY Quilts from airing only once a day

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Excuse me, but HGTV is not free. We pay extra to our cable companies to get
access to that channel and the discovery channel and all the "specialty"

The  Stations should be told by the viewers which shows we love (and hate)
because if they don't know how to please us they will lose many of us as
viewers.  BTW I grew bored of Christopher Lowell long ago He isn't on PBS he
is on Discovery channel.  His newest format sucks.    The number of
decorating shows on cable is going through the roof.  However, there are
very few sewing shows, and that doesn't make sense. Most of the decorating
shows have segments where people are making their own pillows and drapes and
slip covers, yet they aren't giving any sewing lessons. Gee, thanks for the
inspiration, now how about some step by step advice?

 In the mean time we are at the mercy of PBS for bringing us shows like Fons
and Porter, Quilt in a day,Seww much fun,  Sew Beautiful, and America Sews.
However we are lucky if we get each of these programs once a week and it
depends on if our local pbs carries them. My local pbs in NYC is  channal13
and they don't have the shows mentioned, but my cable  provider brings in 2
other PBS station (21 &25) from long island and they do sometimes have the
sewing and quilting shows.

The only other show we have right now on cable is  sew much more on  DIY,
and her focus is clothing.

We want and need more sewing shows. If you want to watch Christopher Lowell
instead, its a free world. Enjoy it. Don't tell us though that we should
rely upon "The company will make great decisions for you to view and that
appeal  to a larger group of people.".    We have a right to let the company
know that  they do have a large audience for this show. The petition is
already at  3959 signatures!  As the word spreads through the various news
groups and private e-mail lists it will  continue to grow, and  hopefully
hgtv will reconsider what programming they choose to offer, because
ultimately if they don't please the audience, the audience goes elsewhere,
and  then they lose advertising dollars!

BTW she is not what I consider a self promoter. If you ever watched the show
you would see that she has different  guests on almost every episode to
showcase and explain new techniques and ideas. I tune in to see her guests.

( and yes I signed the petition!)

Re: Quilt Shows on t.v.
  All the other stuff aside, friendly snipping having occurred,
please note that we are not totally at the mercy of PBS for
deciding on their own whether or not to broadcast quilt shows.
As a viewer, as a group of viewers, it's our choice.  And money talks.
Our quilt guild and those guilds in next door cities provide some funding
for several quilt shows.  We ask, we support, we watch.  We put it
in our annual budget.   Quilters around the Metroplex (Ft.Worth-Dallas)
call in their pledges, send in their money, and note that "it's for quilting
on the check.   We get quilt shows at least 5 days a week.
PBS does not produce the quilt shows we love;
they buy them or are provided them from the quiltmakers.  It's up to the
viewers to ask for them if they're missing.  That's no guarantee, of course,
but when the money shows up <g>, so do the shows.
That's how PBS works.<g>

As for Simply Quilts, I don't really care if it stays around or not.
Of course the host is self-promoting; she's the host!  Why else put her face
out there?  <VBG>  Thing is, she's also got the advertisers and the
clout behind her to promote quilting.  Go, Alex!


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Re: Quilt Shows on t.v.
As a (very tiny) example -
Here in Los Angeles, the primary PBS station, KCET, doesn't carry any of
the sewing and quilting shows. KOCE in nearby Orange County, DOES. We
only get KOCE on cable, but my wife has insisted for years that we
support and donate to KOCE. With every check we write to them, we
include a short note telling them why; at the same time, when we get
KCET's incessant requests, we reply and tell them why they're NOT
receiving our support.

 - Herb

Ellison wrote:
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Re: Quilt Shows on t.v.
There used to be a PBS station in Huntington Beach that carried more than
KCET.  I lived in Covina then, but could still pick it with my rooftop
antenna.  A co-worker lived in La Habra and installed a second antenna
especially for that station (he linked the two and used an A/B switch).
Ruth in Happy Camp
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