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Please tell me about your embroidery machine. Does it do regular sewing???

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Juno, my embroidery machines (I have two set up for use, plus one  
stored for parts) are no longer being produced.  You might still  
find one used on eBay, that's how I bought the last two.

Mine are the Singer Quantum XL5000, and XL6000 (essentially the same  
machine with slightly upgraded spool holder on the 6000).

Yes, they do regular sewing, buttonholes, tons of fancy stitches,  
etc. I did some testing of the sewing feature when I first got the  
machine, and it did fine as a sewing machine. However, I leave mine  
set up for embroidery, because I have the Singer 401As for real  

This site has a pretty good description of the features:

I was sold on the "endless bobbin" feature by JoAnn in Reno  
(remember singerlady?).   When I walked into a local dealer in 2004  
for supplies for DD's wedding, they were closing out the Singer  
embroidery machines.  Half price, I could not pass it up.  Later  
when I had a huge job, I bought the second one on eBay, and later  
still, after I learned they were discontinued, I bought the third to  
scavenge for parts if ever needed.

I use the PSW digitizing software (comes with a dongle and uses  
obsolete serial cabling, I had to find USB adapters.)   Description  
The software is no longer available from, but there are  
some on eBay.  It's a bit of a slog getting up to speed on the  
software, the manual is poorly translated from Greek.  I kid you  

I do love the entire process, but be warned, it's addictive. ;-}


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On Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 7:22:02 PM UTC-4, oldco s@optim et wrote:
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Thanks Beverly for the info. I haven't made up my mind as to just what I'm  
thinking about. I love my little viking but looking for something more. How
 much more I'm not sure about. I feel limited by what I can do on the machi
ne I have. I might just want something that gives me more stitch selection  
and better button holes. Price is always a factor. Decisions. decisions, de

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Juno, I don't always follow all that is being said on this group BUT is  
there a sewing machine shop close by where you could go and look, taking a  
piece of cloth for you to do some sewing on?  Maybe even a Sears store with  
machines.  Or a sewing group where ladies get together to sew quilts and you  
could see what their machines will do?  Many years ago I was going to move  
from a straight stitch Singer to something higher and I went to the store  
and got something with a 4 step buttonhole and maybe? less than 10 fancy  
stitches.  I only had it a year before I wish I had gotten something with  
more stitches, I was still happy with it because I I did not have the extra  
cash then and could not upgrade for another 15 years or so.   I'm rambling,  
but I hope you can get something you will be happy with.
Barbara in SC, watching the weather on TV and hoping the hurricane wont head  
for SC mountain area where I am

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oldco s@optim et wrote:
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Have fun researching, and Good Luck.  


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On Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 7:22:02 PM UTC-4, oldco s@optim et wrote:
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Thanks Barbara, I would only buy a new machine after trying it out. This is
 something I's like but not sure just when. I don't want to tr out unti I'm
 ready to put my money down on the counter. I'm looking for input right now
 and will make my decision later in the year. I never rush into a large pur

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Beverly,  I went to Home Depot and bought a can of Rust-Oleum 'Frosted Glas
s' *paint*.  I've already put two coats on my bathroom window and I'm quite
 pleased with the results!  I think I'll put another one, two, maybe three  
coats to give the desired opacity.  Great stuff and dries quickly so you ca
n see your results in no time but it does stink to high heaven; thank goodn
ess for fans.

Thanks for the idea!!

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ItsJoanNotJoann wrote:
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LOL, what's a little stink for the privacy you gain?  I'm happy it  
worked out for you.


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