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Hey Fran, how are you doing in these rainy days? Since you're still readable
on the group I guess it's not that bad where you are... Anyway, keep your
chin up and your feet dry!


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Thank you Ursula fo ryou kind thoughts.

I'm OK thanks.  I live in New South Wales and currently all of the flooding
is in Queensland and that is a long way north of where I live (thank
goodness).  We've had lots of rain and some local flooding about a month
back - my local shopping town was cut in two by floodwaters when the river
went up, and there was lots of debris as stuff got washed down the river but
that was only of very short duration and no houses were flooded.

Poor old Queensland is a different mattter entirely - an area the size of
France and Germany is affected by flood waters :-((

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"FarmI" wrote...
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Yes, we're being told that on the news day in, day out. Australia is
incredibly huge! Good to hear that you're safe. I'm sure you mentioned where
you're from but I forgot, sorry. I bet, though, that there is a wide
solidarity with the flood victims in your country and they will receive some
kind of help through donations or what ever. Or am I thinking better of your
countrymen then they really are? When we had the major floods along the
river Elbe, many of the folks in the western part of Germany donated and
helped otherwise, although they don't think to highly of folks in the
eastern part. (The wall is still there, at least in the heads of all of us.)


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I know I'm a little late jumping in here but I just read today about the
economic cost of these floods.  It's just astronomical. I do hope your
North East can get back on it's feet quickly. The only thing I can
compare this too, in my mind, is the damage that Katrina did to New
Orleans. My heart goes out to your country mates who have been affected.

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