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I'm still looking for fabric for the Granddaughter infinities. I saw  
some chiffons on that even though they are not animal prints  
I know will appeal to them
If I starch really stiff  them will they be easier to sew on.
Slippery and I don't always mix.

Re: Ping Kay
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I find that I usually do better with cutting something as unstable as chiffon with a paper underlay
and then laying a piece of stickyback washaway embroidery stabilizer over the areas that will get seams.
Or I drizzle a little diluted water-soluble glue on the seamlines (wax paper underneath), then let it dry
and stitch.  

When I try to starch something like chiffon, it usually turns into a hair-pulling party, as I seem to  
distort the fabric more by pressing it than just sewing it as it comes off the paper.

Have you ever tried a roller foot on chiffon?  I find that quite helpful.  Or a serger.  In either case,  
for most chiffons, I haven't needed the embroidery stabilizer or glue.

And I think that Dante should have assigned the person who invented chiffon with lycra to a very deep circle of  
the Purgatario.

Glad to hear you got good service from!


Re: Ping Kay
On 12/24/2014 5:41 AM, Kay Lancaster wrote:

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Sorry to be so long in answering you.Just got home awhile ago . I can't  
get the group while away.I do have a roller foot and a serger so I will  
try cutting with paper, watered down white glue for the seams and  
practice like mad for Carnegie Hall.
I'm becoming more sour about Lycra, daily. Especially after my  
experience with the rayon jersey.
Pleased as well with

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