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Hello Kay,

it's me again, about that pattern drafting stuff for pants. I replied to  
your post some while ago, and I tried to mail you privately. That bounced,  
and I didn't dare bothering Kate for your real e-mail address because I  
thought you might read my second reply here at alt.sewing. However, you  
didn't stir, and so I thought that you perhaps didn't read my post. Well, to  
save you the trouble digging for it - here it is again. Hope I didn't  

Hello Kay -
well, before I started with drafting the pattern further this morning, I
took the time to read your post; your hint about the crotch line was a good
reminder. Monika measured me that way (I sat down on the tape measure) and
when I had finished my draft of the front leg, it was absolutely clear that
that measure wasn't even close to what we had measured before. I was about
to give up then, ready to accept that I wouldn't wear any new pants this
summer when Monika came up to me and, after a short look at my disaster,
suggested that we put the Simplicity pattern (No# 2372, , it's
really just a pair of basic slacks, nothing too fancy, and I won't even add
the pockets) over it to see how far we were off the right track.

Actually, things weren't that bad, and so we decided to use a mix of both
patterns; my drafted one for width and the bought one for the proportions of
the crotch line and that sort of things. I didn't manage to finish the
entire thing; after all, we are a bunch of lively women in their best years
and have lots of experience to share ( = we do a lot of gossiping, bantering
and all that, because we all can do with a laugh once in a while). ;-)
Anyway, I'll try this way and hope to have made a toile by the end of next
(and last before summer holidays) lesson. Then I can make one or two pairs
of pants for my camping trip on my own - I hope.

I took a look at the Connie Crawford range of Butterick's and have to admit
that they do have a lot of nice stuff, if you look at it correctly. I don't
know why I didn't see that earlier - perhaps your view on patterns and their
possibilities has to mature. I swear that when I looked at them a year or
two ago, they didn't tempt me at all. I'm not sure if I will try one of them
later but I wouldn't rule it out entirely.

Still, I wouldn't mind to learn the CC method. After all, even if I should
manage to loose a few pounds, I don't think I'll ever be really slim again.
And I'd love to be able to draft stuff like that. It's really hard to get
the good stuff for my kind of size - after all, Monika's instructions were
for a European size 40. Perhaps you can let me know the exact title of those
books; might be well worth wile to get them.

Anyway, Kay, thank you again, I have been able to profit so much from your
counsel and would be glad to get more of it.


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