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What did you ever decide about sewing awnings for your house?  Or did you  
need to explain to Mr. Ester that sometimes this is not a project that just  
everyone does their self?  Or have you already told us your decision and I  
missed the post?
Barbara in WET SC   We have already got more rain than we usually get in a  

Re: Ping Polly
Happy day and oh my better than that!  The fabric is here and gorgeous, I  
have grommets, serious needles and am waiting for weather less than 105  
degrees.  BUT the best part of this adventure is the Return of Singer.  Our  
DIL was hunting for a sm for our DGD; she came upon the Singer we bought in  
1959 (really).  That sm, the precious darling, can stitch through Anything!  
I have just absolutely no memory of giving that fine Singer to our DDIL.  
Maybe she stole it. =)  I thought I'd traded it in and it was gone forever.  
I'm just goofy happy.  It's like being able to fit back in to your wedding  
dress.  Better.  SO.  I'm giving our granddaughter a Bernina and I'm getting  
my first sm back. I expect the belts and footcontrol are dry-rotted but that  
can be fixed.  Can't it?  Polly

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Re: Ping Polly
Happy days for you with your old Singer back where it belongs!  I found a  
wonderful SM repairman only 3 miles from my house, and he did some repairs  
on my Pfaff.  He had an older Singer for sale and it was just like the one I  
loved back in the early  70's when I made most of my clothes and  son's  
clothes when he was a baby up to the time I purchased my Pfaff.  I was  
tempted, but there is only so much room for machine cabinets and cloth!  
( I have 3 SM's & Serger, plus 3 empty cabinets I need to find a new home  
for.)  DIL's small apartment doesn't have room for even 1 of the cabinets,  
but a few years ago I gave her my portable Kenmore that weighs a ton.  S he  
does not sew!  Good luck with your sewing project and please let us know how  
this turns out!  Later on Yogie can sit on the back porch in the shade and  
bark at the alligators!
Barbara in sunny SC 'cause it waits until the afternoon to rain and cool off  
the 94 degrees

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