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I am dazzled by a recent comment that taking a serger in for repair would
cost $ 169 just for diagnosis.  I can see where a busy professional SM shop
would cringe at the very thought of looking at a sewing machine or serger
made of the tin foil used for wrapping chewing gum.  I really can.  And, I
realize that prices for just about anything here on the Gulf Coast are lower
than California.
    Just so very curious.  Does a trained technician really charge $169 to
look?  I'd think you would know the difference between a fine machine, an
abused machine and a piece of junk just by the brand/model.  Guess I have my
Cranky Pants on but I simply find that comment baffling.  When you have
time, I'd love to know your opinion and while I'm here - thank you so very
much for your generous guidance when we get in trouble.  Polly

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"Polly Esther" >I am dazzled by a recent comment that taking a serger in for
repair would
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Last year I took my 25 yr. old Singer serger to a local shop to have it
cleaned, tuned up, and the knives changed and the cost was $100.  I keep the
machine cleaned and oiled, but didn't think I could handle changing the
knives.  The lawn mower Tech charges $69 an hour, so I wasn't surprised, and
I had already made a good guess at what the cost would be.
And I am aware of the cost of their tools and their education updates..
Barbara in SC where costs are also lower

Re: Ron

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I also found that cost astounding. I do know different parts of the country
prices vary a lot but I think that guy just wants to discourage repairs and
force a sale if he can.
I get $50.00 for a basic service, any machine sewing, serger cheap or top of
the line. If a serger needed knives the additional coast would be just for
the knives. For me to get $150.00 and up for any repair it would be major
Just did a timing belt replacement on a Touch and swear and that requires to
disassemble nearly the entire machine and that was only $175.00

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