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Yesterday, I had my annual physical and as usual, I was talking about sewing
to one of the nurses.  She told me her DGM passed away recently and she
inherited 2 attachments for her old Singer machine.

One is a buttonhole attachment, with which I am familiar; the other is a
'pinker' with which I'm not familiar.  She said, as a child in the 1940s and
visiting her DGM, she was totally fascinated with this attachment.

DGM was a professional, and would sew several items during the day, and in
the evening, when ready to stop, she'd attach the pinker and run all the
seams through at one sitting.  The child was allowed to play with the
cuttings, which she loved to do.  Now she can pink seams and allow her
little 3-YO DGD plays with the cuttings.

My question is, "Will one work on my 1961 slant-needle Singer?"  If so,
where might I find one for sale, besides E-Bay and Amazon?

Re: Pinker attachment
Emily Bengston wrote:
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Singer made two kinds, the pinker attachment and a stand-alone pinker
that clamps to a table.  The attachment fits the old straight-needle
Singers, as far as I know.  Mine does.  So, you need to pick up a 15 or
66 (or 99) to round out your sewing room, and then you can use the
attachment.  But you can also have the stand-alone pinker.  There are
good pictures on this page: Try not to look at
what she's asking for it.  It's a bit more than the other one I see for
$50 on another site - but with not-as-good pictures.  ;-)
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Re: Pinker attachment

On 2/17/09 4:53 PM, in article 499b3fd1$, "Pogonip"

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Thanks for the information and the photo, Joanne.
I suppose I'll continue using my regular pinking shears, they work well and
cost much less.  Three pair were gifts and are nice, but I use the Fiskars
usually.  They have worked well for many years.

One of my niece's has my older, but definitely excellent, straight needle
Singer.  If I remember the correct model number, it's a 6011that was
purchased in the early 80s.  DN is such a sweet person, who needed a decent
machine and is very appreciative.  She loves to sew as much as me.

Re: Pinker attachment
Emily Bengston wrote:

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Emily, if you need pinking for fabric which is too difficult
for shears, you might consider:

DH gave me a rotary cutter with the pinking blade when
arthritis in my hands started giving me problems.  I don't
use it often, but sometimes it is the only way to get a
pinked edge.  And you all know how I feel about pinking...


Re: Pinker attachment

On 2/18/09 1:46 AM, in article gngedb$kgl$, "BEI

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Thanks, Beverly.  I am going shopping at TSWLTH Friday and will look for one
of those.  I have 2 rotary cutters of the same brand which I bought there a
while back; maybe they'll have one of these.

DS gave me a pair of 9-10 inch Wiss pinking shears, like DM used; they are
great when I can hold them; and I have a pair of 7-inch Wiss that belonged
to my DSIL which are okay.  Usually, though I use the 9-inch Fiskars, they
are easier to handle when my wrist bothers me.

This pinker attachment fascinated me. Sewing gadgets, especially when
they're new to me, make me act like a child seeing another's new toy,
"I want one like that."  LOL(vbg)

Re: Pinker attachment
Emily Bengston wrote:
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I love mine for pinking stuff like the edges of fusible interfacing and
very tightly woven silks...
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A friend sent me one from the USA...  Alan moaned about yet another
sewing gadget cluttering up the house.  I just left it out on the
treadle table, and a couple of hours later he was fiddling with it,
expressing approval for the excellence of the engineering...  :D

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Re: Pinker attachment

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The Pinker was a way to finish fabric edges. They came with different
blades; one was a pinking blade, there was also a scallop.  There may
have been more.

They came in two flavors; one that attached to a machine, and one that
was stand alone (I have one of these) with a clamp to attach it to a
table, and a crank to turn it.

The attachment type were made before the age of the Singer slant
needle.  They were designed to fit on the low shank Singers.


Re: Pinker attachment

On 2/17/09 8:16 PM, in article,

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Thank you, Irene, for the information.  I know it probably won't fit my
Pfaff low shank machine either, because it has the IDF.  I do have an 1898
Singer hand-crank, that I've been thinking of putting a motor on it, since
DS & DDIL refuses to allow their 10-YO to have a sewing machine.  It was the
first model Singer that could be put in a cabinet.

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