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IMS wrote:
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It could be two different types of arthritis.  My mom has rheumatoid,
osteo, and gouty arthritis.

Re: Pout!
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Glucosamine and Chrondroitin are most effective for treating osteo-
arthritis, not so much the other types.  I'm only in my early 30's
but I take glucosamine and chrondroitin for my knees, they were clunking,
grating and getting painful, I'm hoping by starting early enough with
the stuff I'll prevent worse problems later.

Now that I'm back from a short trip away with my parents and DS, they
took us to Western Plains Zoo Dubbo Australia, I should be able to
get back to sewing! :-) ...and the housework :-(


Re: Pout!
On Tue, 24 Apr 2007 13:23:06 -0700, Melinda Meahan - take out TRASH to

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I have Heberden's Nodes in my fingers so it is osteoarthritis, like what
is in my hip. TO be sure I went to a rheumatologist (not sure if I
spelled that right) and he did a boatload of tests, etc. Said I don't
have rheumatoid or gout.  So it is a weird thing.


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