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My 12-year-old DGD is coming to stay here for a couple of
nights mid-August, so I'm in the midst of planning our
sewing project for her next Highland dance costume. DGD
wants it to look like this:

She want her jig outfit to be completely reversible, green
on one side and red on the other.  It's a nice look, because
the skirt is swished around and the flashes of contrasting
color are very, eeerrrruuum, flashy.  ;-)  I have wracked my
brain trying to figure out how to make a reversible circle
skirt with a closure which will not reveal the "other"
color.  I thought maybe a reversible zipper, but they are
quite bulky, and besides the insertion would be too advanced
for DGD to tackle at this stage and this is going to be
*her* sewing project.  I don't want to frustrate her.

Last night I worked out some sketches for a 1/2" placket
extension on both sides of the top CB seam, with largish
snaps for closure, which should be easy to fasten in a quick
costume change, and hooks-and-eyes on each end of the
waistband extension.  It works on paper, I'm going to do a
mock-up to show DGD how it will work out.  I drafted a
circle skirt pattern using Pattern Master Celebrations with
the waist measurement twice her waist size so it will be
slightly gathered, and used their nifty layout tool to print
the pattern layout for DGD to use.

For the waist-cincher I think rather than make it reversible
in two colors , we'll just make two, one of each color.
They will be boned with (faux) lacing up the front, and a
separating zipper CB (also to facilitate quick changes).

I know I have a pattern somewhere for a gathered-neck
peasant-style blouse, but I cannot lay my hands on it.  I
suspect I loaned it out and never got it back.  McCalls has
a nice dress pattern which will work, I'll just cut it off
at blouse length:
with the added bonus of the "corselet" which I will make a
little narrower.  TSWLTH has McCalls for $1.99 right now.

I bought the green fabric at Fabric Depot several weeks ago
during the 40% off sale. Without having her along it was
risky, but DGD loved the green cotton. And she also liked
the color of the red cotton I had in the stash (intended for
some long-forgotten Christmas project). I have lots of white
cotton and eyelet lace for the blouse and apron, so we're
good to go. Today I'm going to pre-wash and dry all the
fabric, and make a run to TSWLTH for the pattern.  I'll wait
and let DGD cut the pattern pieces so she can learn about
which pieces she needs and also how to alter them for her

DD loathes sewing, I'm soooooo glad DGD wants to learn.  ;-)


Re: Pre-planning for sewing lesson

I wrote:
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Well, phooey, the sale on McCalls patterns doesn't start
until Friday.  But, while I was tidying the sewing room and
finishing a couple of set-aside-till-later-projects, I found
my old original peasant blouse pattern! I file costumes in a
separate file from regular garment patterns and that's where
I had put it. Yeah!

I still may buy that McCalls pattern just to have a starting
point for the corselet.  I will put pictures of the camp
shirt I'm finishing on the Kodak site later.


Re: Pre-planning for sewing lesson

i have a great book with period patterns
Patterns for Theatrical costumes , By Kathertine Strand Holkeboer ,
Prentice Hall Press , 1984 ...

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