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Re: preshrinking silk satin
Dear Friends,

I'm glad I started a ruckus here.  The question was originally about
silk satin.  It can be ruined by washing.  I don't wash my silk things,
and they don't smell bad from dry cleaning.  Some of you have the idea
that "dry cleaning" means that everything is thrown in a big drum and
tumbled.  That's not the case.  Sometimes, things are just spot cleaned
and sponged.  And if the cleaner knows what he/she's doing, they don't

I use mostly wools and silks in my sewing.  Sometimes I use high end
cottons.  I have never had anything shrink, either in the washer or at
the dry cleaners.  There are washable silks, of course.  But the
seracin has been removed from it, and it has other finishes.  Good
washable silks shouldn't run or change color.  I hesitated to get into
this discussion, and avoided the other thread about prewashing, because
I knew what would happen.  But to have someone make the mistake of
washing a large piece of satin made me change my mind.  I'd hate to
have her ruin it and get discouraged.

In my fibers class, which was an experimental art class, we often dyed
and washed silk to use for fine art projects.  It is a real pain to get
the wrinkles out, even in small pieces.  The students usually did
shibori or tie dyeing in small runs. If you order from Dharma Trading,
the silk is ready to go into the dye pot.  It doesn't have to be


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