Question about when to dye

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I plan to make some men's shirts of some hemp and hemp/cotton blend
material, but I want them a different color from the natural material I
have. LIght colors, mostly.
Should I dye the material first or dye the shirt after I've made it?
They aren't anything fancy and I'm not looking for perfection. I don't
have the facilities for dyeing big chunks of material, but could handle
a shirt, hence the question. Maybe I could engage someone with
experience to dye material for me, also.Thinking I might get some
interesting effects by dyeing after construction. Anybody had any
experience in this? Any dye-type recommendation? Thanks,   JPBill

Re: Question about when to dye
G'day JPBill

You will get different effects from what I've found when dyeing
clothing.  For instance...I dyed a bra some years ago and discovered
that poly thread had been used in the construction and also in the
embroidery on the cups, this thread didn't take as much dye and ended up
being a lighter shade, in that case a nice effect.

As you are making the shirts you have the choice of using cotton
thread...buttons take dye in different ways too.  If you are looking for
interesting effects I think I'd make first....then dye.

Personally I prefer hot water dyes and have used them quite a number of
times in the washing machine...just make sure you do a 'full' wash WITH
bleach after the dyeing process has been completed, otherwise everything
you wash for the next week will have varying degrees of the remaining dye.

Of course, you can always use natural dyes, some of these sound really
interesting and give lots of beautiful colours.  A google search would
give best results.

Don't forget to post the results.
Bronwyn ;-)

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Re: Question about when to dye
WB wrote:
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Re: Question about when to dye

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It is usually always better to dye material before making a garment
rather than other way around. Trying to dye garments usually results in
some uneven taking as thread and even different thickness of materials
(as in hems) will usually take colour differently than main garment

Not really required to dye all the entire length of material at one go.
Cut off what you need to make a shirt or two, and remember to allow some
excess for shrinkage.


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