question-sewing lambskin appliques

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Hello--coming out of semi-lurkdom....

i'm going to attempt to embelish a ready to wear molekin jacket with
lambskin appliques (i show horses).  how is the best way to apply
them?  can i use something similar to wonder under?  the appliques are
made of metallic colored lambskin...or, should i sew them on?  they
are very curved, so i assume the best way is to drop the feed dogs to

and, i admit it, i am chicken about messing this up!

thank you so much-


Re: question-sewing lambskin appliques
betsey wrote:
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I would suggest using Aleene's OK To Wash It Glue.  It dries clear, is
flexible, and stays stuck.  You would want to get it to the very edge of
your applique, but not smear it on the jacket where it will be exposed.
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Re: question-sewing lambskin appliques
Hi Betsey.  I also sew my own show clothes.  And I have experimented
various ways with appliqueing.  I tried the wonder under and did not
like working with it (he lambskin does not like a too-hot iron).  I
finally ended up glueing the appliques with Gem Tac (the same stuff I
use to glue on crystals).  This is much easier than cutting matching
shapes of wonder under.  I just run a bead on the back side of the
lambskin and press it down on garment.  I let dry overnight just to
make sure it is solid.  I do not glue real close to the edges because
I don't want to risk it bleeding onto the garment.  Then I sew very
close to the edge using a zipper foot.  I don't bother dropping the
feed dogs, just lift the presser foot to turn a sharp corner.  If you
are overlapping different colors of appliques, I would treat each
layer separately; i.e., glue a layer, let dry, sew, then move on to
the next color.  I'm not a professional, but this method works well
for me.

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Re: question-sewing lambskin appliques
  One more thing.  For your piece of mind, do a test with scraps, just
to get some practice before you work on your garment.

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Re: question-sewing lambskin appliques
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