Quick Christmas gift stitching

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I do two that are ridiculously fast and easy.  We would like to give all of
our grandchildren jeans for Christmas.  Nice gift, right?  Yeah, but . . .
there are 3,275 brands, 72 different leg styles, assorted colors etc.  No
way to get whether they only wear buttons or boot-cut.  So. Sew.  I take a
piece of old denim, stitch a very simple envelope and insert cash.  Always
get it just right.  Always a perfect fit.
    The other?  We save our pocket change all year long.  Divide it by the
number of grands.  I stitch little drawstring bags and write their names in
some manner.  Last year it was red fleece with their names embroidered on
the bags.  This year the bags are a Christmas print tied with red ribbon.
Wrote their names with a felt-tipped pen.  The fun is the grand who gets the
most money in his sack declares himself to be the one Grandaddy loves the
best.  (Not really true but it does keep them quiet and busy for a peaceful
little while.)
     The years our pocket change isn't enough, our friendly bank is willing
to hand over as many rolls as we can pay for.
    Merry Christmas to you all.  Polly

Re: Quick Christmas gift stitching
Polly Esther,
Those are great ideas for younger children who live near by.
Sometimes, if I'm giving gift cards to family members, I'll make envelopes
of red felt, embroidered with their initials or names(if the names are
short), then punch punch holes at the top so they can be hung on the tree.
-- Emily

Re: Quick Christmas gift stitching
Thanks for the ideas Polly!
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Re: Quick Christmas gift stitching
Just one more Practical Gift.  There is just no such thing as too many
flashlights.  No such thing.  Except:  they get carried off and are never
handy when you've just got to have one.  We growl and snarl and commit
assorted mayhem when a fellow 'borrows' our best scissors until they learn
better.  Flashlights, on the other hand, seem to be fair game.
    Today, I bought our four girls plain old ordinary flashlights.  To make
them totally disgusting to the dear men who would take them away 'just for
the moment' and never return them... I  decorated the flashlights with every
sort of bling sacked away in my stash.
    I wish I could show them to you.  I have super-serious glued all manner
of rhinestone, aurora bowreeallis ( too late at night for me to worry about
spelling), pearls  and glitzy girly stuff all around the head of the lights.
    My.  They are just so pretty.  Tomorrow, I just might add some feathers
and silk ribbon bows.  Polly

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Re: Quick Christmas gift stitching
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oh Polly-

my 17 year old DD would have loved to have helped you bling out those
flashlights!  what a fun idea!!!  Katie is a HUGE believer in bling
<g>....the western show clothes all are into bling, and she believes
that anything can be rhinestoned.


Re: Quick Christmas gift stitching
On 12/14/2011 8:01 PM, Polly Esther wrote:
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My handyman picked up a package of two penlights -- these have an LED
bulb and a laser pointer at one end, and on the other, a ball-point pen
and a stylus.  Really nifty gadget, and the two of them were under $5.
Found at Home Depot.  Great stocking stuffer!
stitches @ singerlady.reno.nv.us.earth.milky-way.com
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Re: Quick Christmas gift stitching
I'm going to Home Depot Saturday and I will definitely see if they have
these in stock; great gifts for children & grandchildren.  I don't promise
to add bling to them, not enough time for that before mailing the pkgs.

Re: Quick Christmas gift stitching
What a great gift!  I could use a couple more myself, not because someone
takes them, but because I misplace them myself.


Re: Quick Christmas gift stitching
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ROFL, Polly!  I love the idea of blinged out flashlights.  I carry a little LED
flashlight in my purse always, and woe betide you if I lend it to you and it's
not back in my hand ASAP.

The flashlights I love the best, of all I've had over the years, are
the BOGO lights.  These are solar charged battery operated flashlights
that can be used in a number of different ways, and are designed to be
run all night.  Eventually the batteries will wear out, but they're easily
replaced.  I like them because they're bright, versatile, fit my hand, and
I leave one on the bedroom windowsill, facing out.  I can see immediately
if it's not there and go chase down the flashlight thief.

They're designed for use in 3rd world countries, and the name comes from
the funding model for the project: BOGO: Buy one, give one (to someone
who really needs one).  You can choose pink flashlights to give...
they found that the women get to keep those. http://www.bogolight.com /

The SN2 light is really pretty amazing... I've used it for general lighting
room lighting, more directed light when cooking, and even more concentrated
light for reading and tasks.  I have not yet tried a minilight, but have
the SN1 and SN2.  Gave the SN2 to all my elderly relatives in hurricane
and winter storm areas.

OK, commercial over.  I don't sell 'em, I have no interest in the company.
They're just darn good flashlights, and I'm sure they're even better when
there's no other light source.


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