Quickest way to make belt loops

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Are there any tips to making belt loops very quickly? My sewing
machine is unreachable and I have to do this by hand. My kids have
narrow waists and I need to add belt loops to about half a dozen
pants. Do they sell belt loops (I can always ask no matter how dumb
the question is, right?) that I can simply sew on to the waist? Colour
doesn't matter since they will be hidden under the shirt.


Re: Quickest way to make belt loops
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I use double fold bias tape........sew a  piece that is the right
length-maybe an inch or so, at bottom and top of waistband.  They
"give and will never tear.  this is a cheap way to do it, too.
Pat in AR

Re: Quickest way to make belt loops
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I love this ng. People have always been there - done that! You always
have an answer.

Thank you!

Re: Quickest way to make belt loops
Dear Janes,

I use self fabric, because my belt loops are usually on tailored
trousers.  Cut a strip on the lengthwise grain of your fabric long
enough to make all the belt loops for your project.  The width should
be four times the finished width desired.  Press the strip in half
lengthwise.  Open out the strip, and press one side to the center,
using the first (center) pressing as a guide.  Press the remaining
side to the center as well.  Then press in half again.  The loops will
now be the finished width.  Stitch both sides of the strip.  Cut the
strip in segments for each belt loop, remembering to leave seam
allowances and ease for the intended belt.

Since I make lots of pants, and trained students to do it in the lease
amount of time for expediency, I use this method to sew them to the
waistband.  Pin the raw edge of the belt loop to the waist of the
garment where desired.  Sew the outside seam of the waistband to the
garment.  The first side of the belt loops are sewn in place.  Set
your machine to do zigzag, and sew the second side of the belt loop
just past the fold of the waistband, going back and forth over the raw
edge of the belt loop.  Then sew the second side of the waistband in
place.  Professional belt loops in no time at all.

There's no such thing as a dumb question, unless it's the one not


Re: Quickest way to make belt loops

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When my kids have pants that are too big, I put a piece of elastic in the
waistband if possible.  I make a small slit on the inside of the waistband
on either side in the front. I thread in the elastic with a safety pins and
if you use the elastic that has buttonholes in it, you just sew a button on
either side (still on the inside) to fasten the elastic in. If you want, you
can whipstitch the edges of the  slit but it usually doesnt fray too much.


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