Ren Faire costume!!

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 I know it's early this year, but I have already decided on my ren
faire costume, and it has me VERY excited!! I ALWAYS make a rennisance
costume, even if it isn't for myself, but this year, I'm making a
FAIRLY basic wench's kit... I haven't decided on fabric color yet, but
I know which types and textures... Begging my DGs to take me to fabric
store to try on fabric, most likely Wilson's, but I have heard pretty
good things about Hancock's, so I might finally take a look there... It
is going to consist of a bodice and chemise, both patterns costom made
by me, and I think I will try to imitate this overskirt (dk magenta
draping.. don't know how well that will turn out.. My grandmother has
always stated that I am an autumn person, so I think I am going to try
to do this in a sort of rusty rubyish kind of color scheme... a
commercial pattern similar to what I want is simplicity #4484, however,
this is a commercial pattern.. This will probably be fairly easy for
me, although I am a little tense about the overskirt, I may actually
have to buy the pattern *GASP* lol!

Tahirih, sewing extrodinare, of Florence, AL

Re: Ren Faire costume!!
Very nice!  I can't wait to see this one come together!


Re: Ren Faire costume!! wrote:
and I think I will try to imitate this overskirt (dk magenta
Quoted text here. Click to load it
this skirt really isn't that hard.  The underskirt is just a circle
skirt, and the overskirt used the same pattern pieces, just shortened.
IIRC, it is supposed to have hooks and eyes....the hooks go on the seams
of the skirt and hook to the eyes that are at the waistband area.

I made the gypsy-ish costume a few years ago....would probably do it
again if I wanted to go to a faire, but the nearest one is annapolis, MD
(which happens to be my "home" fair - started attending at 16, then
worked there for a year) and it just isn't something that I want to do
with a 6yo and a 2yo.  We went once before moving to VA, when we were
visiting friends, but the youngest was still unable to walk, and the
older was enchanted with the horses and knights and costumes.  Now that
they can both run us ragged on a normal day, I think I'll just let it
pass us by this year....besides, I don't have the time to make the
entire family costumes again <sigh>.

Larisa, wishing you the best of luck

Re: Ren Faire costume!!
That overskirt style is more 1800s.  If you still want to do it, it's
easy-peasy.  Make your skirt like you ordinarily would but don;t hem it
yet.  Then sew a piece of twill tape or wide-ish ribbon down along two
or more seamlines, sewing only along the edges to make a casing.

Thread a length of ribbon/cord/string/something thru the casing all the
way down, and leave a bit sticking out at both ende so you don't lose
it.  Hem the skirt as usual, catching the bottom end of the ribbon
inside the hem.  Also,  put a few stitches thru the fabric/ribbon/casing
sandwich anout 4-6 inches up from the hem. Otherwise, the hem will get
all twisty when you pull up the gathers.

Then simply pull up the ribbon/string/whatever till it's gathered like
you want it.  you can stitch it to the right length inside the waistband
or tie it off or pin it if you want to be able to adjust it again later.
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Re: Ren Faire costume!! wrote:

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Nah...  It's just a gathered A line skirt with some lines of ruching up
the front!  Just cut two skirts the same, the top one up to 6" shorter
than the under one, and gather up with festoon blind tape!  It'll be
fab.  Do you use Drea Leed's Corset Pattern generator?  I find that
takes all the agony out of making a period based bodice when I'm not
going the whole hog with a Margo pattern.

I have a pile of those Simplicity and McCall's costume patterns that I
want to play with - when I get the time!  I'm drowning in weddings at
the moment!

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Re: Ren Faire costume!!
You will post photos of it both while sewing and the finished outfit, will
you not?

Re: Ren Faire costume!!
lol, of course I'll post photos!! And thanks for all the tips on the
skirt, I was a little lost on that... Actually, has some
awsome tips on period things, particuarly rennisance. The tecnique I am
using for the bodice is quite interesting, I would suggest taking a
look around!! It's actually pretty nice, because that way it's all
custom made, which is particuarly good for a young person who isn't
going for the whole, "fairy princess" cheapo look, LOL!! It's hard, I'm
an (almost) teen, but I am a VERY small person!! BTW, I am aware of the
fact the overskirt is not exactly period, but it's just so darn pretty,
and no one in alabama cares anyways.... And Larisa, I feel for you, I'm
lucky however, the STATE faire is in my town, and it takes like two
mins to get to the grounds!

Tahirih, sewing extrodinare, of Florence, AL, whom has a VERY random

Re: Ren Faire costume!!
ps, just to give and idea of how early it is, ours comes in the
second-last weekend in October, but actually this is good, bc usually
I'm down to the wire if I start it during October/September/August.
Plus with this summer, I won't have school, which equals more sewing

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