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Re: Reporting in
Sharon Hays wrote:
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I once accidentally left Ming Tu in the master bathroom ( he
had gone in there and closed the door) while I was out
shopping,  Came home to one desperate dog and a door with
major damage all along the bottom 6".

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Indeed.  My current main computer, a Pentium II, was brand
new in 2000. :-} I have added memory, 500GB harddrive, a
wireless network card, better audio card and speakers,
graphics card, flat-screen monitor, a DVD RW drive, a 2.0
USB port, etc.  But there reaches a limit as to how much
money it's wise to invest in an older machine.  The new one
is WHIZ-BANG!  ;-)

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I actually bought the laptop for the embroidery machine when
I set it up in 2005, but the Singer Quantum XL 5000 requires
a serial port for design transfer and the laptop has only
USB ports.  I found a USB-to-serial adaptor but it has not
been an entirely successful work around.  The older Gateway
has native serial ports and will take up residence in the
embroidery room.  It's not as fast but will be fine for the
digitizing software. And the laptop will mostly live in the
kitchen/living room and go on vacation with me.  ;-)

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Yes Ma'am!


Re: Reporting in
BEI Design wrote:
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And then there's Cooper.  Likes to get into the linen closet and sleep
in the dirty laundry basket.  Gets himself closed in there at least
twice a month and at least one of those times, Mama freaks out, thinking
he's managed to squeeze out through the fence, or that somebody has left
a gate open.  Mama runs around, calling frantically, checks gates,
fencing, laundry room and, finally linen closet.  Terrier blinks
sleepily from amidst the damp and dirty towels, licks his chops, then
inquires as to when supper might be expected.

Re: Reporting in
Kathleen wrote:
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I spent all day looking for a cat once.  It was IN the ironing pile, tip
of tail only was showing when I found it...  In the airing cupboard, so
behind a closet door AND a sliding door.

I also found that one in Alan's sock drawer...  We had a built-in chest
of drawers, which had a gap behind it.  Mog would squeeze into the gap
and shove the drawer open, then burrow into the socks.

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Re: Reporting in
BEI Design wrote:
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I heard from Kay, she is having computer upgrade issues, so
she can read but not post to newsgroups.  She weathered the
storm (VBG) fine yesterday.


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