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Hello, group...

I'm not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination but I've had a sewing
machine for years and sometimes make crafts for my kids.  (I've made more
purses and super-hero capes than I care to remember!)

My daughter is having a slumber party next week and we thought it would be a
fun party favor to embellish some pillowcases with rick rack and then let
the girls all autograph their pillowcases as a keepsake.

My question for you is: Will rick rack fray?  I'm just going to sew the
rick-rack down the hem of the case.  Do I need to roll under the edges of
the ends and stitch them down or can I just do one stitch down the middle of
the rick rack?

I hope that question makes sense!


Re: Rick Rack question
The ends probably need to be turned under-----or at least the end on
top.    The sides will not fray, and yes you can straight stitch right
down the middle of the long dimension.

HTH.....  sounds like a fun party!!


Re: Rick Rack question
You all gave me such great advice that I thought I'd just reply in one

...THANK YOU! <---yes, I'm screaming. :-)

The party favors are getting more involved.  On a very expensive whim today
I went and bought a used embroidery machine.  I've already put my daughter's
name above the rick rack on her pillowcase and it's adorable!  Looks like
I'll need to learn to do a lot more sewing so I can justify that embroidery


Re: Rick Rack question
Ellie wrote:
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I've avoided buying an embroidery machine so far, but those who have
them say they are such FUN!

Sounds like the party favours will be the highlight of the bash!  Enjoy!  :)

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Re: Rick Rack question
What embroidery machine did you get?  And did you have some lessons with it?
I am always asking questions about these things, while I am trying to decide
if I want a stand-alone embroidery machine to back up the Pfaff I have.

Re: Rick Rack question

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Hi Ellen!

Sounds like a fun party!

I used to put rick rack on all my stuff back in the 60s :) !!=20

Yes the ends will fray, so I would cut it so that I could turn it under
in a way it didn't show and then finish the seam sewing over the folded
end to lock it in place.  That is, cut enough off so that when folded
under the bottom piece 'matches' the direction of the top piece and
doesn't show. =20

=46or added durability to the edge, can then sew up & down the edge 'end'
of the rick rack as well if you wish.


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Re: Rick Rack question
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If it's like the old cotton rick rack, yes, it will fray.  If you don't
want to turn the end under, you could try a tiny bit of FrayBlock or
other "anti-fray" treatment... in this instance, I'd probably dab it on,
let it dry and then cut through the blob.  <g>

If it's wider than baby rickrack, you probably want to use two rows of
stitching to put the rickrack on... keeps the rickrack from folding up
in the middle in the wash.  I know they say the new stuff won't, but I
spent too much of my childhood trying to iron folded-up rickrack back
flat on aprons and such. <g>


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