Rifle case pattern?

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Hi all,
   My son came home from CAP with a dummy rifle and had volunteered me
to make cases for all the Color Guard.  Are there any patterns for
drill-team rifle bags?  I guess if there isn't...I can trace it and go
from there.

Re: Rifle case pattern?
My son (adult) has an easy rifle case that simply folds over at the wide
end.   He's been wanting me to make him one similar out of a blanket.  The
part that folds over about 12 inches has a tie sewed to it so he can tie it
around the rifle so it won't fall off.  HTH
Barbara in SC
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Re: Rifle case pattern?
Forgot to say, the completed case would be about 12 " wide X however long it
needs to be.
Barbara in SC
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Re: Rifle case pattern?
I googled fabric+rifle+case and came up with some pictures......no
patterns though.

Maybe you will have better luck........


Re: Rifle case pattern?
I made those kind of cases a loooooooong time ago for our rifles.  I used a
nylon outer (it was a little heavier than the sport nylon that I found a few
months ago.)  and I used a flannel for the inside as it is soft material and
won't scratch the rifle and helps keep the moisture out and I put cording on
both sides of the top so when you turned the top part down you could wrap
the cording around the butt of the rifle and tie it.  All I did was put the
rifle on the nylon and drew around it leaving me room for the seams and to
get it in and out easily. Than I put the flannel over that and cut it out
and zig zaged it together.  Put together wrong side out and stitched it and
turned it and top stitched it and put on the cording and of course I put a
hem in the top first (before I put it together).  Done.  Easy.  If you need
more help just e me.
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Re: Rifle case pattern?
Great!  All the suggestions and directions are wonderful!
I actually did come across a real pattern but it was WAY more fancy
and complicated looking than I am hoping for.  So....you know I will
be making your way instead.
Thanks again,

Re: Rifle case pattern?
I had forgotten about them as it was so long ago.  We lived up north then.
My youngest bought 2 bb rifles for his boys and he said mom can you make the
gun cases like you did for the rifles that we have?  I said just bring one
to me and I will.  The only thing that is different I used sport nylon this
time and the flannel isn't as heavy.  I don't know what nylon I used before
but it is heavier and nicer.
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Re: Rifle case pattern?
I forgot to tell you that I took pics of it so it you can't figure it out e
mail me and I will send you some pics.

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