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Hey All,

Some of you may remember I used to live right outside Louisville, KY.  There
was a fabulous fabric store there in downtown called Baer Fabrics. Just got
this last night from a dear friend who still lives in the area:
"I just wanted to let you know that Baer Fabrics closed for good as of 5:30
this evening.  They've been having financial difficulties for a while, and
I was hoping they would pull out of it.  Unfortunately, the bank foreclosed
and it's all over and done.  There was lots of hugging and crying, and I
bought a floor sample Bernette serger...I figured if I had to make a final
purchase, it was gonna be a doozy!  I don't know if you kept in touch with
anybody who ever worked there, but we've been trying to get the word out to
former Louisvillians & Kentuckianans that would have a special place in
their heart for the place."

I've been bummed out ever since I read that email.  It's odd, but I sort of
feel like someone told me my parents put my childhood home on the market.
Baers had been in Louisville for 103 years.  The website is done too.  They
have a note on the website saying simply that
after 103 years of service, they are closing the doors.  I also heard that
even the employees didn't know till Thursday of last week what was
happening.  So it must have gone downhill quickly.  

I knew you would all understand how sad this is to me.  

Never try to teach a pig to sing.  It's a waste of time and just annoys the

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Such a shame, Sharon; it's always sad to see another tradition come to an
end.  So many locally-owned stores just can not stand up to he competition
of the big-box stores, because it is much easier for John Q Public to shop
at the larger stores in this fast-paced society.

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It is. That's why we shop only at local shops and small outlets while
they're still there.

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Oh NO that's AWFUL!

Back before every fabric shop and their brother was online, I used to
order a LOT of costume fabric from them.  Their costume department was
the best - always willing to suggest a solution for a challenge.  I know
my picture was on their wall for a few years in one of my sets of fair

Wendy Zski

Sharon Hays wrote:
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Re: sad news

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Sad news indeed.

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